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A million thank yous to our sponsors that make the Happy Market Research Podcast possible.

Ep. 316 – Aaron Burcell, CEO of methinks, on the Role of Diversity in Consumer Insights

This episode of the Happy Market Research Podcast was recorded in June 2020. In this episode, we’ll hear from Aaron Burcell, CEO of methinks on his opinions and experiences about diversity in consumer insights.  Find Aaron Online: Website:  LinkedIn: Twitter: Find Jamin Online: Email:  LinkedIn: Twitter:  Find Us Online: ...

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Ep. 315 – Adam Froman, Founder & CEO of Delvinia, on how Amplify Summit is Helping Market Researchers Adapt to the New World

My guest today is Adam Froman, Founder & CEO of Delvinia.  Founded in 1998, Delvinia is a Canadian based Group of Companies that provide technology-enabled consumer insight and data collection solutions including Methodify, AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans, and CRIS. Adam a Canadian-based entrepreneur, operator, and investor. According to Adam, we are in the midst of a digital...

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Ep. 314 – Dom Boyd, Kantar’s UK Managing Director, on how to add Strategy to Market Research

My guest today is Dom Boyd, Kantar Managing Director, UK.  Kantar was founded in 1992 and characterizes itself as a “data, insights and consulting company.” It has more than 30,000 employees working in 100 countries in various research disciplines, including social media monitoring, advertising effectiveness, consumer and shopper behavior, and public opinion. It is part...

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Ep. 313 – How to add Strategy to Market Research

In this episode, we’ll be providing tips on how to add strategy to market research. Stay tuned for the following weeks to hear the individual episodes of our referenced guests.  Referenced Guests: Dan Stradtman, VP, Consumer & Market Insights at Lubrizol Corporation LinkedIn:  Twitter: Website:  Dom Boyd, Kantar’s UK Managing Director LinkedIn:...

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MrWeb Series – Tobi Andersson, Chief Product Officer at Confirmit, on Data Visualization

This episode is in partnership with MrWeb’s Data Visualization segment and was recorded on April 30, 2020. Since then the merger of Dapresy and Confirmit has progressed significantly. Details of the new company’s structure and approach will be announced soon – stay tuned. My guest today is Tobi Andersson, Chief Product Officer at Confirmit. Founded in 1999, Dapresy is...

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Ep. 312 — Laura Levy & Emma Varjo on the Rise of Esports and how Consumer Insights can Help

This episode is in collaboration with IIEX’s podcast series. Our guests today are Laura Levy and Emma Varjo.  Laura is a human factors psychologist, specializing in how people interact and engage with technology. She works at the Institute for People and Technology and she is Research Director of Gaming and Esports Applied Research at Georgia...

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