Month: November 2022

Ep. 577 – 3 Ways Emotion Impacts Consumers and Their Brand Choices with Anne Beall, Founder and CEO of Beall Research

My guest today is Anne Beall, Founder and CEO of Beall Research.  Founded in 2003, Beall Research is a strategic market research firm based in Chicago that services some of today’s top brands.  Anne holds a Ph.D. from Yale and has worked at Boston Consulting Group and National Analysts.   Find Anne Online: Find Jamin Online:…

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Ep. 576 – Why Leverage Neuroscience to Measure Consumer & Shopper Behavior with Hunter Thurman, President of Alpha-Diver

Our guest today is Hunter Thurman, President of Alpha-Diver.  Alpha-Diver is a consultancy that leverages neuroscience to help brands target the right consumers and identifies the best moments for activation.  Prior to starting Alpha-Diver, Hunter served as a Consultant for WPP in Global Insights, Strategy, and Innovation. Additionally, he served as an Innovation Strategy Mentor…

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