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A new Voice-Enabled Software for Survey Research Launches

Phebi Inc. launches Phebi Insight, a new voice-enabled software for survey research that  improves respondent experiences and business results vai voice-enabling surveys. I continue to be bullish on voice surveys. 

Successful companies continue to invest in insights. Weber Shandwick, one of the world’s largest global public relations firms, announces the creation of its Global Intelligence division, which will allow the firm to deliver data-driven solutions to client partners. The division is comprised of more than 100 data scientists, analysts, and engineers around the world. 

Christopher Martin, Chief Marketing Officer of FlexMR, releases an article on how to build a successful customer insights team.

In human capital news, Sentient Decision Science appoints Clint Taylor as Chief Technology Officer. 

Finally, in jobs, SurveyMonkey is looking to hire a Vice President of Product Marketing. 

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