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Accelerant Research Releases the Results of their Streaming Service Survey

For you industry event coupon clippers, the non-profit, Women in Research, has a discount code for Merlien Institute’s Qual 360, for 20% off, use WIRE20 when you register. 

Accelerant Research releases the results of their Streaming Service Survey. Netflix is still the undisputed leader at 70%, but Disney Plus is gaining. Which streaming service does this podcaster have? Glad you asked. Find out in our show notes. 

C+R Research releases a blog post on, “5 benefits to a collaborative culture, and why it works so well,” for them. Because none of you are going to click the link and I think their 5 are worth noting: 

  1. One person can’t think of everything
  2. We all have a unique perspective
  3. It helps us grow
  4. It’s more efficient

Oh, and you’ll find a link to the 5th in our show notes and our weekly free newsletter. 

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Ebiquity, a leading independent marketing and media consultancy announce the acquisition of Digital Decisions, a digital media monitoring, and optimization service. 

In human capital news, Comscore Hires Rentrak’s Yazdani as Adviser to the CEO.

Research for Humans announces Jack Naylor has joined them as a consultant from Kantar.

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