CRC 2019 Podcast Series

2019 CRC Series – Angela Pack – Askia

Welcome to the 2019 CRC Series. Recorded live in Orlando, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Angela Pack, Business Development Manager at Askia.

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Hi, this is Jamin. You’re listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. The next set of episodes are conversations I had at this year’s Corporate Researchers Conference or CRC. This is put on by the Insights Association in Orlando, Florida. I had quite a few interesting conversations highlighting specific companies that exhibited this year as well as a couple of speakers, Wells Fargo, IBM, etc. I hope you have a really good rest of your day and enjoy these short episodes.


I have Angela Pack with Askia. We are at the Insights Association’s big event. What is it called?


Corporate Researchers Conference.


Thank you. CRC for short. Yes, that’s right. We are on the exhibit floor. There is the promise of alcohol over your right shoulder, which I’m super excited about. How about yourself?


I am eyeing those little EOS lip balms and the tiny little things of mints, so…


You’re such a good human being.


I’m going to be a little lurker later and maybe grab a few things to take home.


You already grabbed one of my stickers.


I did.


The shark one, I think.


Shark. I love shark week.


Yeah. What was your point about sharks?


They have to keep moving or they will drown.


I kind of feel like that sometimes.


I feel more like the turkey that if I stand outside with my mouth open, I’m going to drown.


I didn’t know that was a thing.


That’s a thing.


Really. Okay, well, there you go, Insights Nation. We did not know that that is a thing.


All sorts of color.


Yeah, that’s great.


So Askia, you guys, I hear really good things. Richard Collins, of course, a dear friend of mine over the years, worked for me at another company, and he’s based out of London right now, I believe.


He is based out of London, and he brought me on in July.


Okay, good. So, where were you before?


I was actually on the qual side of things. And then prior to that, I was in the panel world for a very long time.


That’s been an interesting space with… I’d love to talk to you more about that, but I want to like, first I want to dive in: tell me what is going on with Askia. And then we’re going to shift gears and talk about the conference.


All sorts of things are going on with Askia. We have products in development. We’ve got new partnerships that are bringing us things like platforms, charting. So a relationship with ETABS and so just bigger and better, and we’re expanding our US capabilities and that’s where I came on. So we have a completely female, US sales team, which is me. We’re 100%.


I was super excited. So, is it expanding? Like are you hiring? What’s going on?


We are looking for people in the US.


Okay, perfect. And if they want to contact you, I will get your card and include that information in the show notes.


Perfect. It’s very easy,


That is really easy.


It’s super… Although people keep calling me “Anskia,” yeah.


‘Cause it feels like it needs to be fancier. Anytime you’re from Paris, I feel like it needs to be turned up a little bit.


I’m definitely not cool enough to hang out with our Paris office people.


Oh, whatever. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You know, about shark week. So, first day of the conference – what’s your highlight?


My highlight, I would say, I attended a breakout session earlier about creating the ideal client, and what drew me to that was the language in the title “creating” because I think a lot of sales people make the mistake of sell, sell, sell, try to fit a square peg into a round hole and with something more niche like what Askia is doing, not everyone is going to be your client. You have to find the exact sort of secret sauce as to what their pain points might be, what we have to sell. And so, creating those opportunities versus just sending out spam emails saying, “Do you want software?” because that’s never going to work.


I actually think this is a really important point. It’d be fun to do a full episode on this at some point. But you’re right: It’s easy to follow a script and we’re kind of getting conditioned to like that with tools like Drip and others where it’s like I’ve got my sequence of 16 emails I’m going to send with the intention of building a relationship with you. But the reality is, at least from my experience, and I’ve been using Drip now for three months, Eric Santos and myself. And we’re doing an AB test, our Drip campaign versus the same content but slightly altered, a little more context, and individually sent.

So, the Drip is underperforming at a 20 to one. So for every lead that we’ll get on Drip, we’re getting less volume out. So it’s kind of interesting how, in my opinion, if you can just take the time to make the connection and you’re quickly screening out if this is not a good fit. And you can even do one better if you say I know who is a good fit for your particular need. Even though you don’t get a piece of that transaction, that builds value over time.




Yeah, for sure. So, Steve August, I think, was giving that presentation.


He was giving that presentation.


Anything else?


Well, I got to be on a podcast for the first time. That’s weird, but also very fun.


Awesome. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Angela, thanks so much for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.


Thank you.


Enjoy your rest of the time at CRC. And I hope you get some mints.


I’m going right now.


All right.