Ep. 432 – CRC 2021 Highlights: Bryant Leech, Vice President, Agile Insights & Platform Solutions at InnovateMR

Welcome to the CRC 2021 Highlights Series. Recorded live in Dallas, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors, speakers and attendees at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Bryant Leech, Vice President, Agile Insights & Platform Solutions at InnovateMR. 

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Jamin Brazil: Hey everybody. Thanks so much for tuning into the Happy Market Research Podcast. I am Jamin live today at CRC in Dallas, Texas. I have with me right now Bryant Leech, Innovate MR. He is the VP of agile insights and platform solutions. Sir, welcome back to the podcast.


Bryant Leech: Yeah, this is my second time on it.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, we’re in person though for the first time, you and I together.


Bryant Leech: That’s true. Yes. This is the first time we’ve actually met. It’s great.


Jamin Brazil: It’s kind of cool.


Bryant Leech: Great to meet you.


Jamin Brazil: For sure. So tell me – I mean Innovate MR has been all over the place. You guys have had a thriving success through the pandemic. Tell me about the business.


Bryant Leech: Yeah, so I was doing managed services before with Nielsen for quite a while. I just saw the trend kind of moving towards you know sort of quick, faster sort of solutions. And we had been using – at Nielsen we were using Innovate MR quite a bit for their panel solutions. And I just saw that there was quite a big trend, more and more proposals we were sending out were getting beat by faster players in the space. And so I just kind of found that this was maybe a perfect place for me. They were developing sort of a – it’s kind of a faux pas in the industry right now, a DIY solution, so quick, fast survey solution on top of their panel platform. It was already kind of what we saw as being very quality. And so that’s why I ended up joining with them. They do a lot of – so they’re originally a panel company working on quality panelists and then building onto that sort of a DIY solution. So it’s been great.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, I read about the DIY solution. I also read about your new CEO.


Bryant Leech: Yes, we are very excited about Lisa joining us as our new CEO – not joining us but getting promoted to CEO. So yeah, she’s great. I pull her into way too many conversations than she probably deserves to be.


Jamin Brazil: Or needs to be.


Bryant Leech: Yes, exactly.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, for sure. She’s a powerhouse in the industry and I got to be honest. I think that was a genius move joining one of the few female CEOs in the space.


Bryant Leech: Absolutely.


Jamin Brazil: Congratulations. Well, what do you think – I know it’s early in the show but what do you think about getting back to in-person meetings?


Bryant Leech: It feels great to be back with everybody. You know I think it’s good to see faces again rather than just small little LinkedIn profiles or on the screen with their crazy backgrounds and things like that, right over these last 18 months.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, for sure. Do you have any specific expectations with the show?


Bryant Leech: You know I don’t know exactly. I’m very excited for barbeques and beers tomorrow.


Jamin Brazil: That’s going to be awesome.


Bryant Leech: So that’s the main one I’d say.


Jamin Brazil: I think that’s sponsored by C&B.


Bryant Leech: Yeah, I never had Texas barbeque. I’ve always missed it when I’ve ever been down here so very excited for that.


Jamin Brazil: That’s awesome. I am too. OK, well last question. Tell me. A lot has changed, like everything has changed in the last 12 months or 18 months. What do you see as a trend moving into 2022?


Bryant Leech: Yeah, you know I think you know it’s a big reason why I kind of switched things up. And one of the first slides that they put up there was how fast some of these agile solutions are changing, the industry, you know 35 percent growth year over year is crazy to see in some of these solutions. So I think that’s going to be a big trend and it’s going to be a big trend around how can you give them that DIY solution but that also allows you to still have some human aspect to it. And that’s I think going to be a really big trend moving forward is how can we both work together from both clients and suppliers in a more succinct manner.


Jamin Brazil: Bryant Leech, VP, agile insights and platform software. Innovate MR is the company. Thank you sir for joining me on the podcast.


Bryant Leech: Thanks a lot.