Issue 3 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

Personal Log CBS All Access launched Picard this week! I realize some of you may not be Treky’s … but stay with me. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart at age 79) is an old man long retired. So, why him vs. some young actor to carry the franchise forward?  http://bit.ly/2RNdKim But, my connection with the…

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Issue 2 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

I’m going to start this with a personal note.  A big part to achieve happiness is saying, “No.” This is something that has gotten much harder for me in the past few years.  As I’ve said, “Yes,” to more things, I’ve found less personal satisfaction and external success. The world is evolving at an increasingly…

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Issue 1 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

First off … Happy 2020!!! In 2020, we are taking a totally new approach to the Happy Market Research Podcast and is introducing a new show, MRx News. First off, we’ve got a new host! Chueyee Yang. She has been with me for over a year and is finally ready to spread her journalistic wings….

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