Checking in on you…

This is just a quick, “Hi!” 👋 And, I hope you are safe and sound. 

Mr. Floyd’s brutal murder is disturbing and heartbreaking. For me, I have not watched the videos and have turned off the news. 

Of course, ignoring it does not make the issues of racism, mental illness, abuse, etc. go away. 

Today, messages scale at a global level. Everyone is a content creator. We have professional cameras tethered to our hands and hearts. Plus, a global audience. This enables injustice and horror to travel at the speed of light. 

But it works the other way too. Messages of 💓 and support also scale and help us correct our 👁️ of the 🌐. 

I hope you find encouragement, solace and 🤗’s during these difficult times. Please take ⏱️ to connect with each other. Jump on a Zoom with a friend, colleague, or client and chat for 10 minutes. 

If you are looking for others to connect with, I am still hosting a Virtual Lunch every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday’s lunch is usually focused on market research while Friday’s are all about FUN! Something we all need a little more of. 

📅 Every Tuesday 

⌚ 11-11:30 PT


📅 Every Friday 

⌚ 11-11:30 PT


Last Friday, Cait Wilson with YouGov lead us in a virtual game of Jeopardy. If Alex Trebek had been in attendance, he would have hired her on the spot! 😊 

In closing, keep in 🧠 that during these uncertain times, brands are in a state of 😖 too. We’ve all had projects that were a 100% go and then got put on hold indefinitely due to COVID19 or more recent events. This creates a significant opportunity for you. 

Walk alongside your customers and help them connect.   

Have a great rest of your day!