Ep. 433 – CRC 2021 Highlights: Christina Corbett, Contract Recruiter at Suzy

Welcome to the CRC 2021 Highlights Series. Recorded live in Dallas, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors, speakers and attendees at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Christina Corbett, Contract Recruiter at Suzy.

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Jamin Brazil: Live at CRC. We are the Happy Market Research Podcast. Christina Corbett. Did I say it right?


Christina Corbett: Hello. You did.


Jamin Brazil: Recruiter at Suzy.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Suzy has been blowing up.


Christina Corbett: Blowing up. Thank you. I’m going to take some credit for that.


Jamin Brazil: You should because really a company’s value I believe is largely a sum of the value of the employees.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: So you’re fulfilling a very important role by recruiting and retaining top talent.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: But before we get into that tell me a little bit about Suzy.


Christina Corbett: So Suzy is your one-stop shop for all research. Our platform handles both qualitative and quantitative research all in one fell swoop so you don’t have to go for any outside products, any outside data. It is all found in our platform. It’s a quick turnaround. You get the best insights and your presentations are made directly in our platform so you don’t even have to go to PowerPoint if you don’t want to.


Jamin Brazil: Really cool.


Christina Corbett: Very cool.


Jamin Brazil: Love that. Of course you guys have had venture backed I believe, right. I’ve seen quite a few rounds of funding.


Christina Corbett: Yes, we are in our Series D funding, which we earned in July, $50 million. So we are so excited. You would have thought we were all getting $50 million but when someone explained to me I was still very excited; maybe a little less but still very excited.


Jamin Brazil: That’s hilarious. So we are in person.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: This is one of the first in-person events post-pandemic. How is it for you getting back to?


Christina Corbett: You know it is strange because for a while there I was like I don’t know if this will ever be possible again so I’m very happy that it is. Waking up, you know more than 30 minutes before my first meeting was difficult but it was nice. I’m excited to actually see people fully, see people’s shoes and like see people walking around. I’m here with some of my coworkers who I’m meeting for the first time and like it is bizarre to see how tall people are in real life. So it’s great.


Jamin Brazil: The height thing is interesting, isn’t it?


Christina Corbett: It is. It changes the perspective a lot. I’m sad that people know that I’m short now but it’s fantastic.


Jamin Brazil: Me too.


Christina Corbett: No.


Jamin Brazil: We should start a support club.


Christina Corbett: Short-port. No, I like that better, short support. There you go. Yeah. You know, innovative.


Jamin Brazil: So a lot of disruption in our space. You’ve been a beneficiary of a lot of the disruption.


Christina Corbett: I have.


Jamin Brazil: What do you see as a material trend carrying us out of the pandemic into 2022?


Christina Corbett: You know I think that people now have a lot more value in themselves, which I think is – you know 2020, we will never paint over how just terrible and life-changing it was. But I think that the time we had to actually pause and think about what matters to us translated very well of course to our personal lives, but especially to our professional lives. We know what we deserve. We know what we’re worthy of. And I just don’t think there’s any coming back from that in a good way. So I’m glad that we are where we are now and I hope that that continues as we you know get back to normal, whatever that means now.


Jamin Brazil: I love that view that you’re taking on really the improvement to the human psyche of self-awareness and internal value.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: As opposed to external. What do you attribute that to?


Christina Corbett: Honestly, just the slowdown. We didn’t have time before to sit back and think about if we were happy. We just – we did what we were supposed and that’s what’s supposed to make us happy but when we had a chance to pause and think about it, a lot of us realized that we weren’t. And I’m glad that we did. So now we have a chance to figure out what happiness looks like, what it feels like, and how we can translate that into our professional lives.


Jamin Brazil: Love that point of view. It’s exactly correct. One of the things that I think happened during the pandemic was an increase in network.


Christina Corbett: Yeah, oh yeah.


Jamin Brazil: People became more like both in terms of number of connections and then also in terms of the depth of the connections.


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Right, the depth of the connection because for the first time we were able to see people in their natural environment, kids running around lighting the house on fire, right?


Christina Corbett: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Cats jumping on keyboards.


Christina Corbett: Dogs protecting us from mailmen too much.


Jamin Brazil: From the Amazon guy.


Christina Corbett: Oh my goodness, every day.


Jamin Brazil: How do you think that’s going to impact our like connectivity as we move – human connection as we move into next year?


Christina Corbett: I think it’s going to continue to get deeper. Again, I think there’s a lot more purpose behind what we do now so when we make a connection, I think there’s a new drive to understand people at, you know if it’s a professional link, fine, but we want to see them as people. And I think that it’s healthy we keep that conversation alive of how was the pandemic for you. What did you learn, what did you experience because then we get deeper than you know I added new connections. I made this sale. It’s I got closer to my children, I got into puzzles, which I did. So I think that it all just changed how we view people beyond what their LinkedIn says they are.


Jamin Brazil: Christina Corbett, recruiter, Suzy.com. Check them out.


Christina Corbett: Yes, please do.


Jamin Brazil: It’s an honor having you on the podcast.


Christina Corbett: Thank you so much for having me.