Ep. 574 – The Future is Video Feedback: Voxpopme Acquires HubUX

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Be warned, today’s episode is a bit self serving. 

In 2019, I co-founded HubUX. A research operation platform for private panel management, DIY recruitment and qualitative automation.


Because opinions are moving fast AF. In fact, Gen Z defines themself as the generation that adapts to changing trends. Brands don’t even have time to create ads that can benefit from trends. By the time these trends hit their radar they are already on the down in favor of something else.

Keeping track of today’s consumers is like watching humming birds on crack. 

Its a bit fun, but impossible to do for very long.

At the same time, recruiting quality particpants for either qual or quant is getting harder and more time consuming. 

HubUX was setup to solve this. How? By recruiting on social meida platforms like TikTok and screening particpants via a robust survey tool that includes video auditions. 

Today, about 60% of the projects done on hubux are surveys. These surveys include several video openends. The rest of the projects are automating IDIs and Focus Group workflow.

With the activity on our platform being video data collection our clients have been asking for a way to quickly analyze their video data. 

This lead us to a decision: Build a video analytics tool (this is really really hard by the way) or partner with the leader in video analytics, Voxpopme. 

I reached out to their leadership. 

After a few conversations we quickly came to the conclusion that combining forces would increase the probability that we own the video feedback space. 

On October 26th, 2023 we announced the merger of hubux and voxpop. 

From my view, the combination of automated research operations and video analytics represent the biggest change in our industry since the invention of surveys in the 1920s, focus groups in 1937, and online surveys in the 1990s.  

You all know me and my histroy. I may have done the first online survey for commerical purposes in the 90s while at Macro Consulting. Dispite the fact that my dislexia makes reading a bit challenging, my brain helps me to see patterns in the market. And it is abundantly clear that video will play a major part in every modern brands’ insights department. 

The following is the recording of the live announcement that was streamed on 20+ platforms with Jenn Voguel, CRO, and Voxpop cofounder and CPO, Andy Barraclough. 


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