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Ep. 602 – Reed Cundiff, CEO at the Schlesinger Group, on 3 Trends That Will Impact the Insights Industry in 2023

Our guest today is Reed Cundiff, Chief Executive Officer at the Schlesinger Group.  Founded in 1966, Schlesinger is a leading provider of quantitative and qualitative research solutions and has...

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Ep. 601 – How Bias Can Frame Your World View with Jessica Nordell, Author and Speaker

Our guest today is Jessica Nordell, Author and Speaker. In 2021 she published The End of Bias: A Beginning: The Science and Practice of Overcoming Unconscious Bias.  Jessica has...

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Ep. 579 – Why Consumers are Overwhelmed and how That Affects Your Brand – Brand Transformation with Dr. Emmanuel Probst at IPSOS

My guest today is Dr. Emmanuel Probst, the Global Lead of Brand Thought-Leadership & Senior Vice President of Brand Health Tracking at IPSOS, Author, and Professor at UCLA. Founded...

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Ep. 578 – The Art of Research with Susan Fader: What is Narrative Economics and how to Utilize it in Your Business Strategy

My guest today is Susan Fader, keynote speaker and founder of FaderFocus.  Susan has run FaderFocus as a Business Strategist & Transformationalist Catalyst specializing in Qualitative methods and strategic...

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