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Ep. 602 – Reed Cundiff, CEO at the Schlesinger Group, on 3 Trends That Will Impact the Insights Industry in 2023

Our guest today is Reed Cundiff, Chief Executive Officer at the Schlesinger Group.  Founded in 1966, Schlesinger is a leading provider of quantitative and qualitative research solutions and has...

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Ep. 601 – How Bias Can Frame Your World View with Jessica Nordell, Author and Speaker

Our guest today is Jessica Nordell, Author and Speaker. In 2021 she published The End of Bias: A Beginning: The Science and Practice of Overcoming Unconscious Bias.  Jessica has...

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Ep. 579 – Why Consumers are Overwhelmed and how That Affects Your Brand – Brand Transformation with Dr. Emmanuel Probst at IPSOS

My guest today is Dr. Emmanuel Probst, the Global Lead of Brand Thought-Leadership & Senior Vice President of Brand Health Tracking at IPSOS, Author, and Professor at UCLA. Founded...

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Ep. 578 – The Art of Research with Susan Fader: What is Narrative Economics and how to Utilize it in Your Business Strategy

My guest today is Susan Fader, keynote speaker and founder of FaderFocus.  Susan has run FaderFocus as a Business Strategist & Transformationalist Catalyst specializing in Qualitative methods and strategic...

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Ep. 577 – 3 Ways Emotion Impacts Consumers and Their Brand Choices with Anne Beall, Founder and CEO of Beall Research

My guest today is Anne Beall, Founder and CEO of Beall Research.  Founded in 2003, Beall Research is a strategic market research firm based in Chicago that services some...

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