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GreenBook Releases the 26th Edition of the GRIT Report

The Happy Market Research Podcast publishes a new episode on how to ask research participants a good question. The episode discusses seven things that you can do to improve your research results, and features guests such as Emma Craig, UX Research Manager at Shopify; Zoe Dowling, SVP of Research at FocusVision; and many more. 

Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards, which recognizes bravery in market research, announces the judges for the 2019-20 international awards. Judges include:

  1. Pippa Rose, Senior Manager of Consumer Insight at BT
  2. Deborah Campbell, VP of Consumer & Marketplace Insights at Verizon
  3. Finn Raben, Director General at ESOMAR
  4. Sue van Meeteren, Founder & Director of Jigsaw Research Limited
  5. Rebecca Brooks, Founder & CEO of Alter Agents

GreenBook releases the 26th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, featuring data collected from Q3 and Q4 of 2019. The GRIT Report dives deep into topics such as the adoption of emerging methods and satisfaction levels with suppliers. 

In human capital news, Syno International, a consumer data provider, appoints Per-Erik Kärnekull as Head of EMEA and Aivaras Mockus as Chief Financial Officer. 

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