Press Release

Happy Market Research Launches New Website

FRESNO, CA – The leading market research and insight podcast, Happy Market Research, launched its newly designed website at Given the volume of valuable content created by the podcast, our web traffic has been growing at a substantial rate making it vital we invest accordingly. The website has been designed to give users a more interactive experience with improvements in functionally and navigation.

“It has been a blast interviewing leading insight pros from top brands and agencies including Adobe, Coke, ESOMAR, General Mills, LinkedIn, Mastercard, Microsoft, P&G, Pfizer, Qualtrics, TNS, and Toluna,” said Jamin Brazil, Host of the Happy Market Research Podcast. “Each episode tells the story of how they ended up in research, current unmet needs, and keys to driving success in life and business. These interviews are our story, our journey into research, our pain points, and the core values that define us.”

The new website will enable listeners to find specific episodes and desired insights, as well as have the ability to join the Insights Nation newsletter. We are thankful for the financial support of our sponsors: Attest, Clearworks, G3 Translate, M/A/R/C Research, Schlesinger, and Toluna.

If you’d like to show your support, visit the Happy Market Research’s Patreon page.

About Happy Market Research

Founded by Jamin Brazil in July 2018, Happy Market Research is a podcast show that delves deeply into the challenges and opportunities facing the market research industry. With expertise from Brazil, cofounder of Decipher and former CEO of FocusVision, the show highlights important industry topics and has interviews from some of the top industry experts and major brands, such as Merrill Dubrow, CEO of MARC; Rogier Verhulst, Head of Insights of LinkedIn; and Stacey Walker, Consumer Insights Leader at Adobe.