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Our feed is designed to help you: Have fun & learn at least one new thing so you can set the right course for your business and the clients it serves. 

32% of American's Listen to a Podcast at Least Monthly

This frequency is a function of audience training. Most podcasts have a monthly cycle. However, HMR Podcast drops episodes every Monday and bonus episodes on Thursday. 

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Binging podcasts is a common consumption habit. Once people connect with a host or content then they go all in.  

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Podcast consumers are influencers are close to influencers. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and Snap.


Over 75% of the Fortune 100 uses market research software our founder created. Learn how to apply our keys for success to your life and career.

The people and brands we interview are always the real deal. We don’t waste our time on things that don’t provide value. Hear from the best in market research.

Chueyee Yang

Life is like a startup, you don't know exactly where you'll end up but you are hauling ass anyway!

Jamin Brazil

You live once. Love the... stuff you build, the people you build it for, and the team you build it with.