Ep. 612: Esther-Mireya Tejeda CMO at Anywhere Real Estate

You are listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. I’m Jamin Brazil, your host and this episode is being done in partnership with Qual360 North America. This year’s event is on March 13-14 at the Gallup global Headquarters in Washington DC. The focus of the event is on navigating the dynamic future of qualitative research. For more information check out na.qual360.com.


Why Every Organization Needs A Best-In-Class Social Intelligence Capability 1. Key use cases and examples from leading organizations 2. Social Intelligence as a comprehensive framework, not just synonymous with Social Listening 3. The leading tools in the space to consider, including the technology stack Nestle USA is building 4. How AI has changed the game, making day-to-day operations and insight-gathering much more efficient 5. How to succeed: the long-term vision to democratize the insights