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Ep. 525 – IA Annual 2022 Conference Series: Annie McDannald, Global Vice President, Marketing Research Services at Civicom Marketing Research Services

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Jamin Brazil: Hey, Happy Market Research Podcast. We are live at Insights Association, day two in-. Where are we? Philadelphia. There we go. Philly. I am joined by Annie McDannald. She’s with Civicom. Which many of you have heard of. Mainstay in the organization. How are you doing?


Annie McDannald: Doing great. I’m excited to be back with people. It’s very refreshing.


Jamin Brazil: I know. It’s great right. It’s great. Tell us about Civicom?


Annie McDannald: Civicom is a global provider of online IDIs and focus groups. That’s our bread and butter and what we do the most of. We don’t do full service research just the platforms technology support. We also have online communities, mobile research, ethnographies and a new offering called CCam for in person streaming and all of that. That’s a variety of tools mostly for call research support.


Jamin Brazil: You also are working now with Tom?


Annie McDannald: Yes. Tom Myers.


Jamin Brazil: How long has he been with you? Tom Myers.


Annie McDannald: He joined us at the end of last year. One of our fresher faces.


Jamin Brazil: If you’re in the consumer inside space especially on the qual side and have ever sat in a focus group. You have interacted with Tom at some point in your career?


Annie McDannald: Yes. Tom’s fantastic. He’s been a great addition to the team. Fresh thoughts and insights. It’s been fantastic. Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Congratulations on a fantastic hire. I talk about trends tomorrow at about nine thirty. Are you going to be around?


Annie McDannald: Yes. Most definitely.


Jamin Brazil: I hope you’ll pop into the presentation.


Annie McDannald: Sure. I’d love to.


Jamin Brazil: What do you see as a trend in the consumer insight space?


Annie McDannald: From where I’m sitting as a technology provider, we have a lot of competition that’s surfaced. Throughout the pandemic lots of platforms came out there. We see a lot of trending platforms that are automating processes and allowing researchers to do a lot of things. Hands free, on their own. Kind of independently. We see a lot of that. I don’t know if that’s a great direction for everything to go in. At Civicom we’re very hands on in terms of people and support by people so that the researcher can continue to focus on those insights. I think that even though there’s all these options on the- in the marketplace right now that have an easier way to do it by yourself. Lots of Zoomers out there, so many Zoomers and G meet people making it work. That’s so much for researchers to handle. We still provide the hands-on support to make everything really simple and easy. We see a lot of that happening. Automated insights. More self-directed solutions. New innovations with things that are difficult to get to like in home ethnographies are a big one we’re doing. Shop a longs in stores where traditionally you’d have these nice camera crews invading your home. Or following you around the grocery store. I think for many years we’ve been trying to find the right way to achieve that same interaction without invading the space. Being kind of in the background but present. Being able to interact with the respondent at the same time. I think fortunately tech has caught up with that. There’s a lot of flexibility with cameras and streaming capabilities. The experience that you can have from an observer perspective or the researcher perspective. To see what’s going on in a respondent’s home. Go with them around their environment. Follow them at the grocery store without chasing right behind them. Chasing them with the camera and being like, act natural.


Jamin Brazil: Don’t mind the paparazzi.


Annie McDannald: Right. Exactly. We are having a big surge of that. People are eager to continue that ethnic graphic researchers. A big block on that during the pandemic. Very hard to get into a consumer’s home. With so much changing about the way people process information and make purchasing decisions. The way they live in their homes just blocked in. It’s changed a lot about the way people think and behave. It’s important to get back in the living room. To get back to following them around the grocery stores. Technology I think is another big trend that allows us to do more of that more successfully. The infrastructure has grown better. Connectivity is easier. I think you’ll see a lot more of that picking up as well. Yes.


Jamin Brazil: That makes a lot of sense. I think you’re right, we’ve operated for the last five to ten years in a framework where speed eats everything. Then we’re at a spot now where I think the narrative is changing to impact means everything. Often times those things are actually at odds. The faster you go the less you can pay attention to and involve stakeholders. I really believe, that gets to the heart of the matter of the importance of partnership. Spend less time on the operation side. More time on the inside side.


Annie McDannald: Yes. Getting back to the core of the insight.


Jamin Brazil: Annie, if somebody wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Annie McDannald: Reach out to me on our website. Civicommrs.com. You can call us. Or send me an email. Annie dot McDannald at Sivi dot com.


Jamin Brazil: As always, you’ll find Annie’s information in the show notes. Outstanding to meet you and spend a little bit of time. Thank you Annie.


Annie McDannald: Great to chat with you Jamin. Thank you.


Jamin Brazil: Everybody, have a great rest of your day.