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Ep. 521 – IA Annual 2022 Conference Series: Roni DasGupta, CEO of Atlas Primary

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Jamin Brazil: Hey everybody. Happy Market Research podcast. We are live on the exhibit floor at insights Association’s North America event. I have a special guest for you right now. Roni DasGupta, CEO of Atlas Primary.


Roni DasGupta: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Did I say it right? Atlas Primary?


Roni DasGupta: Yes, you did. Atlas Primary.


Jamin Brazil: Tell me about the business.


Roni DasGupta: Yeah. So it’s healthcare data collection company. And I’ve been doing healthcare data collection for probably over 17 years and market research for 25 years.


Jamin Brazil: You and I are old.


Roni DasGupta: We are old in market research.


Jamin Brazil: The difference is, you don’t look it, I do.


Roni DasGupta: I started when I was 17. I was a telephone girl.


Jamin Brazil: OK, so I am a lot older than you. I started later.


Roni DasGupta: Yeah. So yeah, we do data collection with patients with all types of health care professionals and physicians, especially in the US, and all over the world.


Jamin Brazil: Got it. Who’s your ideal customer?


Roni DasGupta: Ideal customers. We work with 95%, like market research consulting companies got it. We also work with directly with Big Pharma and indirectly with Big Pharma and manufacturers, as well. But it’s mainly market research consultancies, or just regular consulting companies.


Jamin Brazil: Totally understood. Are you-? So you started you started the business?


Roni DasGupta: I started the business. Yeah, I had experience at two big companies before this, and, you know, spearheading their health care divisions at quite a young age. And, you know, after nine years at my previous company, I decided it was time for me to, to do this on my own.


Jamin Brazil: Let’s talk about trends. Yeah, I mean, healthcare has gotten more and more complex, yes, right, data handling requirements, etc., etc. Sort of, like framework of just overall data handling and privacy. But like, if you pull back at a macro level, for consumer insights, what do you see as a trend?


Roni DasGupta: For as far as data privacy?


Jamin Brazil: Well, it doesn’t have to be data privacy, I’m just saying like, that is obviously something we’re gonna continue to see like, investment in and, and governance around. Right. So that’s an example of a trend. It’s how I frame it. But like, are there other things that you’re seeing that are coming down? The pipe that we need to be paying attention to as consumer insights professionals?


Roni DasGupta: Yes, I do think that there is, even though I’ve been doing physician research for a very long time, and it’s always been physician focus. It’s always the underlying reason why we do research in healthcare is for the patient’s right. So there is a trend that we’re seeing that there is a growing number of requests for patience and making things more patient centric, and just to focus on the patient itself, rather than the physician. So while it’s great that, you know, yes, the doctors can give us their insights on how they treated a patient. I’m seeing more and more requests on what’s going on with the patient and their experiences with the doctor and their experiences as a consumer as well. So I think this is something that’s going to be growing pretty rapidly, and it’s gonna probably overtake physician data collection at some point.


Jamin Brazil: We are in person today, at the event we’re sitting closer than six feet together. Yes. How do you feel about things?


Roni DasGupta: I was just mentioning this at, at the lunch table, how it was odd that we’re not wearing masks, and we can see each other’s faces. And honestly, the last conference I was at was Quirks, right before, you know, the US, you know, shut down, like, in 2020. So it feels pretty safe, because I feel like, you know, COVID has pretty much run through almost everybody’s household at this point. It’s a large percentage of people are vaccinated. Yeah. And, I mean, if there’s two people wearing a mask, and like 98 people not wearing a mask, I don’t really see the point in really wearing a mask at this point.


Jamin Brazil: Exactly. Yeah, you’re totally right. Yeah, it’s you’re seeing- the mask thing has been super interesting for me, especially because you have this- operators, so you know, waiters, waitresses, basically anybody in a shop that’s working that’s required to wear a mask that you don’t have anybody that you know, as a- 


Roni DasGupta: Consumer? 


Jamin Brazil: Consumer side. Yeah, that’s wearing a mask.


Roni DasGupta: We’re, yeah. Like I feel like they’re super hygienic and we’re just like, just breathing on everybody and everywhere and all over the food.


Jamin Brazil: Yep, there it is. Yeah.


Roni DasGupta: But it feels good. It feels weird. It feels free but yeah, I like it. I can recognize my colleagues I you know, they pretty much all have the same which is great. Like they don’t have like mask face or anything like that.


Jamin Brazil: The show is starting right now. You ready to get in there?


Roni DasGupta: Yeah, sure.


Jamin Brazil: All right. Thank you very much.


Roni DasGupta: Thank you for having me.


Jamin Brazil: Roni. If somebody wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Roni DasGupta: They could email me at roni.dasgupta@atlasprimary.io


Jamin Brazil: Perfect. And as always I will include Roni’s information in the show notes. I hope you will reach out to her. Especially if you’re in the healthcare space, looking for additional support on fulfilling your project. So with that, Roni, thank you so much  and everybody else, have a great rest of your day.


Roni DasGupta: Thank you.