IIeX Amsterdam 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX Europe 2019 Conference Series – Arjen van Duijvenbode – easy2survey

Welcome to the #IIEX Europe Conference Series 2019. Recorded live in Amsterdam, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Arjen van Duijvenbode , Business Development Manager EMEA at easy2survey.

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Hi IIeX, this is the last interview I’m going to be doing today, DVJ Insights. Arjen, how are you, sir?


Thank you, Jamin. Yes, very good. I little bit sorry for my voice; I’m a bit under the weather but doing very well.


You couldn’t tell that you were under the weather the other day when we had dinner.


(Laughs.) Yes, Jamin it was a great night.


It was super fun, so what do you think about the show?


Yes, a very good show. The last couple of months I’ve visited a lot of shows. For us, it’s a full-service agency, we’re always looking for end clients obviously. I think there is a good mix at least here at IIeX. There is a good mix of end clients versus suppliers, so really happy.


What was your highlight – favorite part of the show?


My favorite part of the show? I don’t have a real favorite, but just all the learning that I got from all the sessions that I went to. Generally, what I found interesting is to see a lot of end clients are restructuring their organization. How to deal with all the stakeholders involved and how to communicate that insight is very important and those kinds of factors that what I found very interesting. To see how end clients are acting.


It’s funny you say that because I’ve never been to an event that had— It was almost like everybody was aligned ahead of time, even though they weren’t. Insights are really important, CEO’s know it and are installing that in the organization.

How do we infuse insights into the day to day decisions that are being made inside of the brands? You think about whether it’s technology empowerment or service enablement or whatever. We as researchers have a big opportunity right now, I don’t want to say land grab because that sounds political, but to solidify our seat at the table to ensure that the customer’s heart or mind or needs are in consideration when we’re developing and bringing products to market.


Yes, absolutely. For sure.


Tell me about your company, DVJ Insights?


DVJ Insights, we are a local Dutch agency. We also have a branch office in the UK. What is exciting to mention is that last year, 2018, we have been awarded the best agency in the Netherlands. There was a whole jury process with CI managers from end clients who picked us out as the best agency of the year.




Thank you so much. I think one of the things that we do very well, every agency says this, but I can make some advertising here.


You did get the first place, so go ahead. You get a brag; you should brag.


(Laughs.) We believe in research. We try to put practice and science together. One of the things we have done is we have developed our own research automation platform. We see that, and the stand also mentioned it, agencies should be faster and cheaper. I think that’s true. With the platform, we can make it happen, but at the same time, it should be good. Internally, I always say, “Look, there you have a lot of panel companies or technology companies that are providing research automation, but at the same time, they don’t necessarily have the research experience.” What you do is, you change the cycle you ask your clients to bring research experience instead of vice versa. We enable our clients with technology but at the same time also offer the service.


What does an engagement look like with you guys?


Basically, our platform is called, “Easy2survey.” It’s really easy to survey. If you look at all the tools, I think Pure Spectrum is a great example of that, how simplistic a tool should look like. It should look fresh, intuitive and easy to understand.

Now data research is becoming more important. Marketeers should also be part of the inside chain if you like. If they access those kinds of tools which are not user-friendly, they will stop working with these kinds of tools. The biggest task for us is to make it super easy for marketeers in general and should also give their support to research questions. Everyone can ask a question, but you always need to wonder. “What do you want to get out of it?”

That’s why we don’t believe in DIY for that reason. We really think a question should be relevant for the outcome. We’ve done all our meta-analysts about how you should test an ad, for example. We build a scorecard; easy to read for everyone in the organization. That’s why we call it, “Easy2survey.” It is not only easy to set up but also easy to understand the whole research process.


I recently did an interview with Shelley, she is the head of research, for the Detroit Pistons which is an NBA basketball team. She applies the same rule that you just described. Every project has to generate ROI, and the way it pushes through is by ensuring that there’s a scorecard. Then she distributes that scorecard based on the results. She posts it up, this is a true story, on the lunch wall so that everyone in the company gets to see the outcome of that project.


It’s so interesting that you mentioned this. Because two weeks ago we worked together with a very large energy drink company, and they said the same. So interesting these outcomes; I’m going to post this internally. Everyone internally thinks that we are so great. In fact, if you look at results, you see that consumers think differently about our brand, and about our products. I just want to remind them of that. We also add more value in the way we communicate with our clients when building our products to keep that in mind.


If someone wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Via LinkedIn, Arjen van Duijvenbode, or arjen@easy2survey.com.


And that’s spelled, A-R-J-E-N, right? One E.


A-R-J-E-N. Two days of the IIeX guys…


This is it. We are done. Everybody, thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for being on the show.


Thank you.