IIeX Amsterdam 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX Europe 2019 Conference Series – Maria Soroka – Fastuna

Welcome to the #IIEX Europe Conference Series 2019. Recorded live in Amsterdam, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Maria Soroka, Managing Director, Europe, at Fastuna.

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IIeX, we are live today in the trade show floor. This is the second day halfway through it actually. I’m sorry. Did you give me a business card?


I didn’t bring my business card. I should have.


Make sure I get one though.


Yes, I will. I will just bring my business card.


I’m here with Maria at Fastuna. Thank you very much for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.


Thank you for inviting me. It’s really exciting for me.


You presented yesterday at the pitch competition?




Tell me how it went. What’d you talk about?


I talked about my company. It’s not just my company, our company. The new startup, we launched just a year ago in Russia, and it’s been skyrocketing so far.




Thank you. This year we are launching into Europe, and that’s why we’re here.


Tell me about the business. What do you guys do?


We are doing fully automated market research. Our unique selling proposition, we do believe we are targeting non-researchers. The platform is so simple that even a non-researcher can use it. You just log in, upload your stimuli, like let’s say product idea, just click the button launch, and then you get the results in just a few hours.


That’s spectacular.


Yes. It’s really handy when you run some brainstorming sessions, support and innovation, development or brand development like creative advertising and so on. Really the two that empower people, multifunctional teams within fast moving agile organizations to connect them in regularly ways to consumers.


You have specific product types then or survey types design?




What are some of the more popular survey types that customers are using?


The most popular ones are around product idea at the early exploratory stage where you can upload stimuli like drawings or photos of the prototypes, for example, or any ideas of the services, that will be good visualization for consumers. There are a lot of ideas that we task around advertise in the really early stage before they go into proper link test, for example. It’s also very popular for visuals, video and a lot of clients do promo ideas because it’s really quick and cost-efficient share for your promo ideas as well.


You’ve been in the market research space for a while, right?


Twenty years.


You’re not old enough for that. During that time we’ve seen a lot of trends and changes and things like that in this space. Automation is clearly the word of the day in 2019. There’s no question about it. That’s what we’re going to be talking about for the rest of the year. I think on a go forward basis, I actually believe that automation is the new online survey. It is that disruptive? Right?


Yes. I agree with you, automation is like now this buzz word that everyone uses. What we discovered with Fastuna that simple automation is great, but it’s not enough. What we’re trying to make with the platform is add our specific magic ingredient, which is called simplicity. Basically, once you get everything automated what you want to do with your product to me to make it so intuitive, so easy to use. Basically, people feel really excited after they used it. We work with this wow factor.


I think if I was going to start a company right now it would be called Integrated Insights. I think that’s going to be where we end as an industry is insights integrated into the workflows of the brands across the organization with hopefully market research being the parent or the owner of best practices with those software solutions.


This is exactly this, because that was the message I was presented last week at the clerks and that was my message. If you imagine the big organization undergoing the huge transformation. What usually now they do, they try to create those multifunctional teams that can make their own decisions. However, what’s always unfortunately still happening is that they still don’t have enough product, processes and tools in place that can empower them to make this decision. This is exactly when you can use this automated simple services. They don’t need to run to market researcher. The market researcher can really be a help for those teams to guide them and be a strategic advisor rather than execute the projects, run the projects.


Market research can, one, help from a larger initiative perspective, so not really getting bogged down with a micro decisions that need to be made. Two, that market research can help add the value of the now what and so what of research. Making sure that insights are being consumed in a useful way and then it’s actually impacting and making change. If someone wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Can you say it again?


If someone wants to get in contact with you at Fastuna, how would they do that?


You need to type www.fastuna.com. Fastuna is fast, una, but it’s actually combination of two words. Fast and tuna, which is one of the quickest fish in the ocean, with just one T. Then you go into the contacts and you see my name there and my colleagues there.


It’s Maria.




My guest today, Maria at Fastuna. Thanks for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.


Thank you, Jamin.