IIeX Amsterdam 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX Europe 2019 Conference Series – Nancy Hernon – G3 Translate

Welcome to the #IIEX Europe Conference Series 2019. Recorded live in Amsterdam, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Nancy Hernon, CEO and Co-Founder of G3 Translate.

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My guest is Nancy with G3 Translate, she is a, I’ll call it a lifetime friend in the market research world anyway. Nancy, thank you so much for joining me live at IIeX Amsterdam.


I am so excited, thank you so much, Jamin, for having me.


What do you think about the show?


I think it’s great. I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ve never been here before to this show and I thought, “Let me go check it out.” I’m really impressed. The speakers have been awesome and some of the conversations that I’ve had, just standing around, have been truly inspiring.


Do you have a favorite moment so far? I know it’s pretty early in the first day.


My goodness. I think my favorite moment, this morning, I was chatting with someone who’d been talking about a workflow tool that they had developed for an end client they had presented on. It was so interesting to see how artificial intelligence is being implemented in market research and to talk to some of the different software providers here and see where they’re going with it. It’s a little scary and a little exciting so those kinds of things rack up well for me. (Laughs.)


G3 Translate, by the way, the official sponsor of the Happy Market Research Podcast, thank you very much for that. Tell me a little bit about the company and what you guys are working on.


We’re foreign language services for market researchers. All we do is translate your research into a plethora of languages, all different combinations. We do the translations, the transcriptions, and now, after being here, and talking to some of the providers I’m starting to wonder. We’ve been talking about and working on some engines at G3 and I’m wondering how that AI can come to play in our future.


That’d be interesting, wouldn’t it?


Yes, definitely.


Yes, because Google Translate doesn’t work. For Google Translate it works but it doesn’t work in real life and a straight-up translation services can’t do market research either. I’ve tried. It doesn’t translate.


Exactly, yes. It is a very specific language, so to build something around that in a very specific and meaningful way is a big challenge, but I think it’s something that I would like to look into a little further, to try to be quicker, faster, and more agile. We’re very good with turnaround times now and our translators are wonderful, but the future is in technology in many ways so I am very curious to see how we can make that play out for us.


Yes, me too that sounds really exciting. Then you have the opportunity of integrating it into… I’ve always thought that there is an opportunity in your space for a translation company to integrate into a tool so I’ll pick on Qualtrics, for example. You’ve got a survey platform, obviously. International or multi-language is fairly commonplace nowadays. You can’t just push button it, right?




It would be interesting if there was a way to inject it in the process, actually have a translate button, that would not be Google Translate but would actually start the process of the translation.


Yes, I don’t want to give anything away but there are some tools that we are talking to about integrations.


Are you serious?


Yes, I am. (Laughs.)


I totally nailed it! (Laughs.) You heard it here on Happy Market Research Podcast. (Laughs.) Are you going to get to see any of the sights here in Amsterdam?


I don’t know, maybe. I’ve been here a few times before it’s a gorgeous city, but let’s see. Let’s see what tonight brings.


Yes, I’m going to go to Van Gogh tomorrow.




That is my plan.


Very nice. It’s gorgeous. Do a canal cruise if you can. It’s such nice weather.


I can only squeeze one thing in. I can’t decide if it’s going to be Van Gogh. I know I’ve heard the canal cruise is a must do.


Evening, after dinner.


We have a research club tonight.


That’s right. They really pack us full here, don’t they? (Laughs.)


We are 100 percent on this one. It is absolutely crazy. You go to a lot of events, right?




When you’re going to go to an event, do you have some, like, “I want to get this out of it,” or is there a specific objective in mind?


That’s a good question. You always go into an event hoping to get new business out of it, that’s always top of mind. For me, I really like to look and see who’s going to be there that I already know and I look to reconnect, to further develop the relationships that I have with people. I think it’s really important to go to these events and support them because there’s nothing better than facetime. There’s nothing better than actually being able to hug your partner and say, “Hey, how’re you doing?” Face to face look you in the eye and know who you are. There’s no artificial intelligence, no webcam, no telephone, no text message will ever replace that human connection and these conferences, for me, are all about human connection.


One hundred percent. I love that. It’s funny, I was talking with somebody else earlier, they were asking me about the impact of AI. I’ve been doing this, I’m 22 years now in the industry. We’ve seen all kinds of things get injected into the industry, disruption, change, new methods, massive spending pattern differences, economic downturns… What’s funny about the space though is, consistently, it’s all about the human beings, right? That just doesn’t change. I think it’s very reassuring if you can see the world through that lens. It becomes a lot less about how sexy your tech is, and a lot more about the connections that you make and the depth of those connections. These kinds of events are actually pretty good for creating a high concentration of people you should know.


Absolutely, I agree with you 100 percent. Some of my very, very good friends in life have come from these events.




I mean, I met you at an event. (Laughs.)


Right. I was going to say I hope I’m there. My guest today has been Nancy, G3 Translate. Thanks so much for joining me on the Happy Market Research podcast.


Thanks so much, Jamin.