IIeX Amsterdam 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX Europe 2019 Conference Series – Richard Merrick – Voxpopme

Welcome to the #IIEX Europe Conference Series 2019. Recorded live in Amsterdam, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Richard Merrick, Client Services Director at Voxpopme.







Richard Merrick, Voxpopme, tell us a little about what you guys do.


We are a video in-size platform. Really, the aim of the company is to make working with video as quick and as easy as possible, so we work with brands and agencies is to make that happen.


How long have you been with the company?


Just over a year, so joined last January.


We’re live today at the IIeX show. You’ve not been to one of these before then.


First one was last year. Initially, I just joined and came right over for it. It’s really good. Really great conference.


You’re based out of London?




What did you do before Voxpopme?


I worked for a few different tech companies. I was with Toluna for a couple of years and before that Instantly. I always worked in the tech side of market research.


You’ve been in the market research space for the majority of your career?




How did you wind up in market research?


Like most people I just fell into it. I’ve done sales and client service success for a while in different industries. Then an opportunity came up with a company called Chow, who was a part of Greenfield way back in the day. I joined those and unfortunately, I’ve been here ever since. (Laughs.)


Yes, I know. It’s funny. There is this gravitational pull for if you make it for about three years to five years in a career, I feel like it’s hard to break out of the space.


Yes, you’re just stuck in. (Laughs.)


It’s a big industry, it’s exciting. We are going through a lot of change right now. Of course, Voxpopme right on the forefront of that with video insights. What are you seeing that’s resonating with your customers as it relates with video right now?


There are a few different things. Firstly, and this is a quote from an actual customer, brands particularly now have more data on customers than they’ve ever had in the past. What that’s led to is the lack of empathy for consumers because they’re just stats. They look at graphs, dashboards so the power of video is to really bring the consumer back into those brands and one of the things that we always hear back from clients is the impact that it can have internally. Instead of just going through a PowerPoint presentation with stats on there and details so to be able to show a two to three-minute video bringing all those messages to life just really helps with them getting across the messages to their stakeholders or their clients.


In 2013, I did a study for eBay. Maybe it was 2012, excuse me. In the study, it was an Amazon versus eBay comparison and contrast and it was an important project for them from a strategic perspective. As I worked with the internal researchers, I was at the site at the time, and we came up with this presentation, charts, graphs, et cetera. Finally, I’m like, it just didn’t feel exactly human, so we did video testimonials as part of the survey itself so people would record themselves talking about why they use eBay, why they use… We incorporated a few of those choice videos into the PowerPoint presentation. It made it all the way up the board of directors and one of the board members said, “This is the first time we’ve had the voice of the consumer in the boardroom.”


Oh, wow. That’s incredible.


It really goes to talk about how we as an industry on the quant side, not the qual side, but on the quant side have done a bad job of humanizing data. Nobody has 2.3 kids. In that framework, what you guys are doing is really important because it isn’t enough for the now what and so what. They’ve got to deliver insights that are going to move the organization to change and that only happens if you can connect with it on a human level.


Yes absolutely. I saw a few of their events. One of the challenges a lot of researchers have within brands is being able to socialize their research internally. A lot of the times, it would just be a project to address a particular problem and no one else in the business will action on that. This is where video can have a really important part to play. It’s very easy to socialize the research. You just click on a button and you just have to watch for three minutes and you take away the key points.




That’s the power of video really.


My guest today, Richard, Voxpopme. Thanks very much for the being on the Happy Market Research podcast. Have a great rest of the show.


Thank you.