IIeX North America 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX NA 2019 Conference Series – Joaquim Bretcha – Netquest & ESOMAR

Welcome to the 2019 IIEX North America Conference Series. Recorded live in Austin, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Joaquim Bretcha, President of ESOMAR and International Director at Netquest.

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Joaquim Bretcha, Netquest, el Presidente of ESOMAR.  You all know him. He talks to us today about the importance of May 2, 2019.  By the time you’re hearing this, that date has passed, but I would encourage you to mark it on your calendar.  I have certainly done that. It’ll be a much bigger deal going into 2020. This is the Market Research and Insights….  It’s been institutionalized as our day by the U.N. This is a really, really big deal. And the hashtag that you’re going to want to use on social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) is #celebratemr; again, that’s #celebratemr.  If you want to see some of the interactions that have already taken place as well as interact with those individuals, of course, you can always go onto Twitter or your platform of choice and enter that hashtag. I recommend sorting it by “latest” as opposed to “top,” but certainly do both.  And it’ll provide you a really good set of contacts of individuals who are interacting on those social platforms. The hack there is some of them are brands, and some of them are agencies. It’s a great opportunity for you to start interacting and learning who is active on social that is inside of your target market or your buyer.  Enjoy.


My guest today on the Happy Market Research Podcast as you all know El Jefe with ESOMAR, el Presidente, right?


El President.  That’s in Catalan.




Joaquim, yes.


Ah good, did it right.  I always want to change it.  Sorry about that, Bretcha.


That’s OK, OK.  


I do feel bad about that.  So, anyway, tell me what’s going on May 2nd?


May 2nd.  May 2nd is the Day of Market Research and Insights institutionalized by the U.N. since last year. So, our colleagues from Turkey, the Turkish Association, they did all the process.  So, today the 2nd of May is our day.  We will be heroes for one day.


For one day.  Bowie, who sang that song?


David Bowie.


David Bowie.  That’s right, yeah.  Gosh, that’s going to be the intro song for this episode if I can legally do it.  


That’s good idea.  We should just be playing this song all day.


So, is there a special hashtag that we should be using on social media?


It’s #celebratemr.


Got it.  So, a lot of attention.  I’ll be putting a lot of focus in LinkedIn, Twitter; a little bit of focus in Instagram and Facebook.  But those’ll be my number 1 and 2 platforms. ESOMAR is going to be, I’d imagine, active that day on social media.


Yeah, from ESOMAR we took that day very seriously.  So we are promoting a joint effort from the whole bodies, all bodies of industry that want to embrace this initiative.  It’s not just an ESOMAR initiative. We promote it, but we want everybody to embrace that because it’s for the industry; it’s for the professionals of this industry.  We do not want to take the protagonism; we don’t want to be the “OK, this is an ESOMAR thing.” No, we want… So, we have asked our local representatives; we have been in touch with many national associations as well with trade magazines and media.      


GreenBook, Insights Association, yeah.


So, ESOMAR, we’re one among the others, so one of them.  And we would like to… that this is the day of the professionals of this industry.  And there is a shoot-out of pride, but at the same time, “Hey, we’re responsible for many, many important things in our society.”  We have to be aware of that. For instance, one of the main objectives we have is we have to be stronger together because, for instance, we need to educate the legislator.  Many things are going on now: Privacy is one of them, for instance. So we need to educate the legislator in helping them understand why do we need to do things the way we do because it’s for the good of society, for the good of businesses, and it always needs to have a treatment with full respect for the person, for the respondent, for the people we’re analyzing and observing.        


I think that’ s great.  Now, I want to shift gears a little bit.  I was fortunate enough to participate in an event that you and ESOMAR hosted yesterday here at IIeX.  Tell us a little bit about the bridge that ESOMAR is building between insights and organizations.


Yeah.  The motto we chose for this term is “Building bridges between practices, people, and regions.”  We are in a moment in which data, as people say, is the new oil. So everybody… We are fortunate enough:  we live in a moment in which everybody says that they’re customer-centric, consumer-centric, people at the center; and we have lots of data.  OK, so what do we do with all that? So we live in that moment, and this moment with technology bringing new sources of data and new methodologies, we see there is a potential drift on practices.  So potential drift between the more traditional side of market research and the new data analytics that the science world that is emerging thanks to this technology. All of us, we have the same objective, which is to understand the consumer.  So our bridge between practices means, “Let’s enrich both worlds” because we are the same. We are the same. We’re all doing the same from maybe different perspectives, different backgrounds, different values, indeed, maybe. But, at the end, it’s for understand people.  So let’s build this bridge, and let’s have a merge of practices, a fusion of practices that will enrich all of us.


Fantastic.  I love that.  If you are not currently an ESOMAR member, I really encourage you to check them out.  ESOMAR.org I believe is the URL where you’ll find them online. And, of course, on any social media, @ESOMAR, you’ll be able to interact with them as well, ask questions, etc.  They have a couple of interesting opportunities for younger people. So I believe that, if you’re in the under-30 category, you get a break on the discount. Am I wrong? It’s like 100 euros or…  It’s very inexpensive for the membership plus. And probably one of the biggest benefits: not only are you supporting an important, a critical legislative body for us but, on top of that, you have the opportunity to network with probably the broadest reach at a global level in any organization.  So I’d encourage you take advantage of these opportunities if you’re not a membership. Obviously, there’s corporate memberships as well, which are really useful for increasing your overall validity and trust factor in the market research space. Joaquim, thanks for joining me on Happy Market Research Podcast today.   


It’s always my pleasure, Jamin.


Have a blast!


Yeah, thank you.