IIeX North America 2019 Podcast Series

IIeX NA 2019 Conference Series – Rob Benson – Dwindle

Welcome to the 2019 IIEX North America Conference Series. Recorded live in Austin, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Rob Benson, co-founder of dwindle.

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Rob Benson with Dwindle, dwindling it down as it were.  They are a new entrant into the market research space. Really cool in real time AV testing that is designed to work alongside designers.  Enjoy the episode.


We are live today at IIeX, the Innovation Show for market research in the U.S.  I’ve got Rob with Dwindle. You have a co-founder. Is that correct?


That’s right.  That’s Joe.


Joe’s standing over there, but because we only have two mikes, you’re going to go ahead and represent and represent well, I’m sure.




OK, good.  Tell me a little bit about Dwindle.  What do you guys do?


So, a little bit of background maybe:  We come from an internet marketing background, and it’s our first conference here, our first kind of dive into market research.  We’re still trying to learn the lingo and the vernacular, which is strange. But we’re getting there. So, we started… we’ve been doing internet marketing for 15 years or so, and we have plenty branding and logo projects, right?  We kind of developed this tool out of necessity because at one point presented, I remember we presented a really big, big branding project. It was a big deal. It didn’t go so well. And we learned things during the presentation that would have been great to know beforehand, right?  So we developed this quick-choice model, where we present two images to a person on an app on their smartphone. They start tapping, and each of those taps tells us something about their preferences: whether they like literal logos versus abstract, Sara versus Sans Sara font. So, going into a branding project, our design team now is armed with this information.  So, we’ve been using it internally with great success. (probably 40 or so projects to date) and kind of sampling it out to some other agencies. It’s going well. So we wanted to come here to try to learn where we might be able to fit a product like that.


Got it.  Now, you’re connected with Patrick Comer, who we all know as the founder and CEO of Fulcrum, now rebranded Lucid.  How do you guys know each other?


So, Patrick married my aunt, who is a…       


That really is a family connection.          


Yeah, afraid so.  I’m understanding what a tight-knit family this whole industry is, right?  So just knowing one person in that industry has put us in touch with people like you, who are heavy hitters in this place, and it’s a…  


It makes me feel old that Patrick married your aunt.  


Well, now, she’s only four years my senior.  She’s more like a big sister. Yeah, sorry.


Patrick and I are around the same age, so.


Right.  So, his wife, my aunt, and my mom are 15 years apart.


Got it.  Totally got it.  Perfect. Thanks for the clarity.  I feel a little bit better now. Patrick, I still think I’m older than you.  Ahh, you guys have been to the show. Just today’s your first day, right?


Well, yesterday we came.  This is our first show; so, we’re still learning.  


What do you think about the show so far?


Oh, man, it’s phenomenal:  the resources and this tight-knit community.  Everybody is so willing to help and really mentor us as newbies.  We kind of weren’t sure where we might get the answers to the questions we’re having, but everybody that we’ve talked to just, whether it’s at lunch or in these break-out sessions, have been so helpful.    


That’s awesome.  Are you… So, going back to Dwindle.  I want to hear about the name. Why Dwindle?  ‘Cause it feels negative to me. I’m not going to lie.


Interesting, right?  That’s an interesting perspective.  So, because we’re essentially trying to dwindle down these myriad of options or inclinations that somebody might have into a funnel.


Got it.  So you’re whittling down.  They wind up with the choice answers.  Did you identify the chaff from the bad choices along the way?  


You got it.  


OK, got it.  That helps me a little bit.  So, we’re going to push on the name later


Fair, that’s fair.  


Buy you some beer and we’ll talk about that.


I’m in.




That sounds great.  This evening… We learned of this ping pong bar.  Have you heard of this thing?


No, I haven’t.


It’s called Spin.  Man, we’re excited about this.  So, the biggest table in our office is a ping pong table.


OK, that’s the best boardroom ever.  


Right.  So, apparently, it is a bar made out of ping pong tables, which we can’t wait to see for the first time.  


Dominate.  Are you guys like sharks?


No, no, not at all, no.  


Are you going to come in and be like, “I’ve never played before?  $200? Yes.”


Well, we’ll get a lay of the room first.  Just kind of feel for the room. Lay of the land, right?  And just see…


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Feel it out.


We’ll see.


Oh, my gosh, that’s awesome.  If someone wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Email rob@dwindle.app is the best way, yeah.


Perfect.  Rob, thanks for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.


Thanks so much.  Appreciate it.