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InCrowd ends 2019 with a Record Fourth-Quarter Performance

Congratulations to InCrowd for ending 2019 with a record fourth-quarter performance and a continued strong growth, capping an extraordinary year as measured by revenue, customers, and market impact. 

In human capital news, OpinionRoute appoints Rich Ratcliff as Chief Information Officer. Ratcliff previously served as the Senior Vice President for EIQ Research Solutions at EnsembleIQ.

Konstantinos Spetsaris joins Analytic Partners as Senior Vice President. Spetsaris joins the company from Phasize, where he was managing partner, leading client insights and analytics. 

OpinionWay appoints Philippe Cartallier as Director of International Development where he will be responsible for international studies and subsidiaries.

Finally in shoutouts, in response to the Happy Market Research Podcast, R_K_IV says on the Apple Podcast app, “This podcast excels in both generating information conversations about key topics in the research/insights/data industry and letting the listeners get to know the guests.” Thank you so much for leaving your review. I really appreciate it.

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