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InMoment and MaritzCX Merge

Beano Studios’ insight consultancy, the Beano Brain, launches its kids and youth Omnibus service. The new addition allows clients to get on-demand insights about kids and teens between the ages of 7 and 14.

Tableau Software, a leading analytics platform, releases new capabilities to help people unlock more interactivity in their dashboards and get deeper insights from their data.

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, InMoment and MaritzCX enter a definitive agreement to combine the two companies. InMoment CEO, Andrew Joiner says, “We are bringing together two world-class companies that will deliver a truly unique value to our clients in their ongoing quest to win over customers.”

In human capital news, Former Nielsen President, Steve Hasker, joins Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business information services, as President and CEO. 

InnovateMR, a global digital survey solutions company, appoints Sandy Casey as Senior Vice President of Global Supply.

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