GTR Consulting releases its gTREND Young Adult Report, highlighting the opinions of how 21- to 35-year old millennials feel about the effects of technology such as socializing, online advertisements and social engagements with companies.

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Ipsos acquires a majority stake in Askia, a leading survey technology provider for the market research industry.

Savanta acquires the UK division of Future Thinking, a global data-driven intelligence company that combines research with data science to produce actionable insight.

In events, The Quirks Event in London kicks off today. Attendees can expect speaking sessions from leaders in top companies such as Dynata, Coca-Cola, and Ipsos.

In human capital news, Kantar appoints Adam Crozier as Non-Executive Chairman. He previously served at Saatchi & Saatchi, the English Football Association, The Royal Mail and ITV.

MTM, a research and strategy consultancy, promotes Caroline Wren to the newly created role of Managing Director.

In jobs, Trusted Talent MR is looking to place a London-based Business Development Manager in Europe’s leading providers of market research services and customer engagement.

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