Online audience measurement body, UKOM, has named Ipsos as their new supplier, starting in January 2021.

Measure Protocol has added 2 million pounds to its funding, led by Dynata and Blockchain Valley Ventures.

Steve Henke of Harpeth Marketing, a Marketing & Sales Solutions firm targeting the Market Research Industry, posts on Twitter, “I’m really getting excited! Our SELLER-DOER WORKSHOP kicks-off [online] this Friday! And there’s still time left to register. Just sayin’!”

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Escalent acquires Javelin Strategy & Research, a research-based advisory firm that helps its clients make informed decisions in a digital financial world.

In human capital news, Cambridge Market Research has a new CEO! The former Managing Director of Future Thinking, Adele Gritten, will now be serving as their Chief Executive Officer.

Ian Griffiths has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer at Kantar. He will begin on January 16.

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