Issue 1 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

First off … Happy 2020!!!

In 2020, we are taking a totally new approach to the Happy Market Research Podcast and is introducing a new show, MRx News.

First off, we’ve got a new host! Chueyee Yang. She has been with me for over a year and is finally ready to spread her journalistic wings.

New Format of Happy MRxP

This podcast will have a journalistic approach, covering issues surrounding our industry and the companies it touches. Our three-part 2019 year-in-review series was our first example of this change. Because it takes time to plan the series, we will release one series per quarter (two to four episodes). However, we’ll continue to drop weekly episodes summarizing news and happenings in our space.

Meet MRx News

A daily two-minute podcast where we cover trends, industry reports, mergers and acquisitions, and people. To subscribe, just open Apple’s Podcast app, or wherever you listen and search for “MRx News.”

Super curious to hear what you think about the new format. Tweet me @jaminbrazil and let me know!

Industry News

This week Dynata invested around $2 million in the blockchain startup, Measure Protocol. Meanwhile, Greenbook’s Lenny Murphy’s blockchain startup Veriglif is scratching a similar itch. It’ll be interesting to see this space mature as I believe it’ll address issues around respondent transparency.


If you are interested in attending Merlien Institute’s Qual 360, Women in Research (WIRe) published a discount code, WIRE20. I’ve been constantly impressed with Merlien Institute’s events and, if you have the time and money, I hope you can attend. I’ll likely be at their North America event from March 24 to 25.

Tool vs. Post of the Week

This week C+R Research published a blog post on, “5 benefits to a collaborative culture, and why it works so well,” for them.

  1. One person can’t think of everything
  2. We all have a unique perspective
  3. It helps us grow
  4. It’s more efficient
  5. It produces better research 🔑

You can find the full writeup on their blog at:

Thinking About User Experience Research (UXr)?

There has been growth in the number of consumer insight events.

Which one should you go to? Kathryn Brooksheir, a UX Researcher at Indeed, published her point of view for User Experience Research on Medium. You can find a link to the post in our show notes or search for Top UX Research Conferences in 2020.

Happy Market Research will attend the UXR Conference in Toronto in June, and, if budget permits, one other event. If you have a recommendation, please drop our show host, that’s me, and email at

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A highly editorialized recap of the week in consumer insights. We cover trends, happenings, and tips in market research, user experience research, and customer experience.

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