Issue 2 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

I’m going to start this with a personal note. 

A big part to achieve happiness is saying, “No.” This is something that has gotten much harder for me in the past few years. 

As I’ve said, “Yes,” to more things, I’ve found less personal satisfaction and external success. The world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace. This change generates chaos and at the heart of chaos, we find opportunity. For me, and I believe many of us, this creates a growing sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) because we see the opportunities. 

So, why start a daily news show and weekly newsletter? 

I love our community of insight professionals. We generate a lot of research on research. I’m not talking about the self-promoting webinars or blog posts, I’m talking about the content that impacts us all — optimal incentives, ethical implications of technology, process improvements, keys to storytelling — these are the types of topics you are writing about and we want to elevate … for free. 

The end of this bit needs to be what am I saying, “No,” too? The answer is everything. I’m not adding a single thing to my plate. 

The other tactic I leverage is my team. For example, this podcast. My co-host, Chueyee Yang, does 90% of the work — writing, post-production, scheduling, and publishing — all takes a lot of time.

My hope for you is that you can be focused, not meandering, but move purposefully with your time towards your goal.  

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Industry News

This week, 

Microsoft and dunnhumby announce their global strategic partnership where dunnhumby will move its customer insights products to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. 

This from Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UK: 

“Retailers sit on vast amounts of data but often struggle to create meaningful insights for themselves or their suppliers. Through this strategic partnership, retailers across the globe will benefit from the powerful intelligence that dunnhumby delivers through its market-leading tools with the scale, security and speed-to-market that has become synonymous with the Azure platform.”

Why is this so important? The incorporation of external data into primary data is a meaningful trend. 


This week, PureSpectrum introduced PureScore, a scoring system that evaluates respondent quality based on their profile, past behavior, and current behavior. This innovation has been spearheaded by Mark Menig, an OG in digital fingerprinting and respondent quality best practices. 


Friendly Competition

GreenBook and Little Bird Marketing have launched the Market Research Podcast Awards. Nominations are due February 15, and voting will be open February 16 through March 31. Your nomination of this show or our sister podcast, Happy Market Research, would be appreciated. 🙂  

Little Bird Marketing: 

Tool vs. Post of the Week

We are researchers. We do this because we love it … and we get paid because we are good at it. 

This segment highlights happenings in tech or knowledge. Sometimes it’ll be directly in the crosshairs of market research and sometimes it’ll simply be relevant. 

Today, Josh LaMar, posted a must-read for consumer insight professionals titled, “A Fundamental Truth of User-Centered Design that is Simple, yet Forgotten.” 

This article directly addresses the importance of understanding the context of usage of a product or service vs. just the product or service. As an early ethnographer at Microsoft, he lets us all draw from his experience. 

Josh LaMar: A Fundamental Truth of User-Centered Design that is Simple, yet forgotten

In Human Capital News 

Potentiate, an Australian-based human experience company, appoints Leonard (“Lenny”) Murphy as their Strategic Corporate Development Advisor.

Former Senior User Experience Researcher at PayPal, Kristen Guth, joins Reddit as the Head of Research. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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A highly editorialized recap of the week in consumer insights. We cover trends, happenings, and tips in market research, user experience research, and customer experience. 

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