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This newsletter is best read while listening to LL Cool J’s Moma Said Knock You Out. 

As Chueyee and I are writing this somehow it came up that she doesn’t know who LL Cool J is. So, if you do know…they you should listen with the satisfaction that 90s R&B is being passed down. If you don’t know LL Cool J…my goodness! Click the link right now! 

Now, on to the important stuff… 

Are You a Marketer? 

If so, I’ve got a gift for you! After over 40 hours of research on how to optimize your blog posts, I’m releasing the first set of tips on SEO optimization. 

Why do a blog? 

  1. The best place to bury a dead body is on the second page of Google. In fact, there is a 36.4% clickthrough rate on the first link and a 2% rate on the 10th (last one on the first page). 
  2. 70% of your traffic will be looking for knowledge and 15% are looking to buy now.
  3. Blogs are the engine that tells Google you are an authority on whatever you sell. Drive the 70% and benefit from better Google placement. 

Tip: Don’t use blogs as sales pieces. Users will see straight through and “bounce” (e.g. use their browser back button and get off your site). Google translates a faster bounce as less relevant and will deprioritize you relative to your competitors. 

Golden Rule: Don’t invest in lots of little blogs. Instead, make one definitive piece of work that gets to the first position in Google. 

When researching a topic to do a blog post on, what tools do we use? 

  • Search trends on Google to ensure you are talking about the right thing at the right time;
  • Google Adword Planner will help you frame your blog post in the best possible way;
  • Keyword research helps you put the right words in your article title and subtitle for maximum relevance:
  • Use a Browser Private or Incognito mode to search for topics prior to doing any writing. This will ensure you are seeing general search results vs tailored to your browsing habits. 

What should my blog post include? 

  1. Keyword-focused header
  2. Featured image
  3. Prominent email signup box with a descriptive call to action
  4. Social sharing buttons
  5. Helpful detailed article focused on the keywords
  6. Multiple compelling images, videos or charts
  7. Internal links to other posts and service pages
  8. Call to action for comments, related articles or more information

HACK: Comments have an oversized impact on organic SEO in Google which is why Reddit performs so well. 

Recap: Your blog will not generate many leads. Your blog will improve your site authority which will place you higher for the 15% of searches that are looking for your goods or services. 

Content Tip: Always start with this Madlib… 

Our company is where

[audience] finds

[content] for


Then, identify your blog post’s target audience: 

  1. Potential customers we can help through our products and services
  2. Anyone we can help through our expert advice 

When you share your expert knowledge, you pull your audience toward you.

Types of blog posts: 

  • Original research
  • Opinion pieces
  • Guest posts
  • Interviews and roundups
  • Video, audio and live events 

Your blog post must answer these questions…

  • Why do they care?
  • How does this help them?
  • What task can they complete once they are finished reading this? 

Blog post header fodder: 

  • Threat headlines: What keeps your readers up at night “27 Complaints about surveys” 
  • Zen headlines: Promising your readers a simpler life “Perfect Surveys: 9 Tips, Plus Some Research”
  • Piggyback headlines: Riding on the back of a famous brand “What Lady Gaga Can Teach Researchers”
  • Mistake headlines: Irresistible teasers from the masters “15 Survey Errors that Make You Look Silly”
  • How-to Headlines: The oldie but goodie that never fails “How to do research when you have no money and no time”
  • List headlines: Bite-sized content that readers adore “52 Types of Surveys that are Proven to Work”

As always, I’m super curious to hear what you think about the new format. Tweet me @jaminbrazil and let me know! Now! On with the news …  

Industry News: Ipsos acquires Askia

Ipsos acquires a majority stake in Askia, a leading survey technology provider for the market research industry.

Why is this big news? If you buy stocks, I’d pick up Ipsos. Over the next few years, Ipsos will be able to convert many of its customers to recurring revenue through subscriptions to their survey platform. Additionally, Askia gives Ipsos a tech stack that they can create their own set of proprietary automated research solutions. 

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. 

My final thoughts, one of the most interesting thing I’m observing today is the need for on-premise software installs for PII and Security considerations. This is a growing need and most companies won’t or can’t support it. But, Askia has made a name for themselves in this area. Of course, this might just be because they were late to the cloud. Regardless, I see this as a material advantage for the platform. 

In this week’s highlight of Machine vs (Wo)Man 

Ana Popa releases an article highlighting mistakes UX researchers make when running a user test. The title, “Why do you keep f***king up your user testing?” A few of the items… 

  1. Not listening and observing the user — body language is way more honest than words
  2. Teaching the user “How to…” rather than letting them explore
  3. Influencing the user’s answer with the question

Full article:

In Human Capital News

Kantar appoints Adam Crozier as Non-Executive Chairman. He previously served at Saatchi & Saatchi, the English Football Association, The Royal Mail and ITV.

MTM, a research and strategy consultancy, promotes Caroline Wren to the newly created role of Managing Director. 

Former Uber Account Executive, Phillip Lomax, joins MediaScience as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. 

Nielsen appoints two to the company’s Board of Directors — Tom Castro and Janice Marinelli, effective February 18. 


GreenBook has offered us, Insights Nation, a unique 30% discount on any of their events. I’ll be at IIeX North America … podcasting. Along with a few friends! If you are going, please use the discount code HAPPYMR and let me know if you’d like to grab a drink! Maybe I should host something one night? 


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