Issue 5 – Happy MRx Podcast Newsletter

Last week I had the honor to give the keynote at the Insights Association’s combined chapter event in Las Vegas.

My longtime friend, Ellen Pieper the Chief Client Officer at Research Results, gave me a pretty tall order:

  1. State of the industry
  2. Biggest challenges facing researchers
  3. Highlight trends in marketing research
  4. Practical tactics to growth

And, finally, “Jamin promises that each attendee will walk away with a takeaway that they can integrate into their company right away!”

The good news is that I had one hour to cover all this … this, of course, was also the bad news as I could build an entire two-day workshop around these important issues.

This week’s post is a highlight of my talk along with a link to the actual presentation. So, here we go!

Slide 1: The single biggest growth hack is listening. I realize how this sounds. It assumes we, you, prefer talking to listening. In sales, we feel like talking is our superpower. Instead, open each customer conversation up with this, “What is the biggest problem you are facing today?”

Slides 2-4: Companies are prioritizing consumer insights like never before. Why? Because good customer relationships are worth a fortune. And, the only way you can build that relationship is to listen.

Slides 5-8: Market research is now part of our everyday language, humor, and culture.

Slides 10-11: The key to sales is trust. How do you create trust? Prioritize the customer over your quota. If you can’t solve the problem, connect the customer to someone who can.

Slides 12-14: Triangulating truth is at the core of consumer insight success. Survey data is just part of what needs to be layered into your insights story. And, the better the story the more the insights impact actions.

Slides 15-17: A major point of differentiation is to operate in full transparency. With the rise of black-box research through automation, end-users need to understand how it all fits together. In the end, the company that wins the automation race will be the one that provides the clearest view into the assumptions, processes, and financials of their model.

Slides 18-20: Better, faster, cheaper. Pick three. We have to be in a constant state of improving.

Slides 21-23: Reduce your research into a repeatable story. The measure of a good story is how well it can be retold at the water cooler.

Slides 24-26: Bringing customers close to executives increases empathy. There is a movement to have executives involved in the actual research. Not the whole thing … but a few customer interviews or in-home visits are a great way to help them connect.

Slide 27: Introduce four ways to increase engagement in your customer and stakeholder meetings.

Slide 28: Highlight Reel: Give a face and voice to your insights. There are many free tools you can use, such as iMovie, to stitch together testimonials.

Slide 29: Tufte-Style Meeting: ~6-page paper. Start meeting with 10 minutes of reading in silence. The remainder of the meeting is discussing the implications.

Slide 30: Posters > PPT: Use a flip chart instead of PowerPoint. Secure each “slide” on the wall. Have people walk around the hung pages to discuss.

Slide 31: Code Open-ends: Split up into groups and have stakeholders code a few open ends. Tools: Excel, Dovetail, etc. Use the same set of codes.

That’s it for this week! Now, on to the news. 

Big News!

We have started a podcast network called the Market Research Mafia Podcast Network.

The Market Research Mafia is a podcast network that offers the market a one-stop-shop for market research and user experience podcasts. The podcast network came online to help listeners find consumer insight specific podcasts.

So far, we have 5 podcasts and expect to add another 20 in the coming months.

I hope you have a great weekend! As always, I’d love to hear what you think about this content or if you have ideas on stuff you’d like us to cover. You know where to find me, @jaminbrazil, on any network … now including TikTok. LOL!


GreenBook has offered us, Insights Nation, a unique 30% discount on any of their events. I’ll be at IIeX North America … podcasting. Along with a few friends! If you are going, please use the discount code HAPPYMR and let me know if you’d like to grab a drink! Maybe I should host something one night? 

Have a fun weekend! 


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