Project X, an out-of-home (OOH) advertising agency, launches an analytics dashboard, enabling advertisers to maintain their OOH advertisement campaigns. The new dashboard allows their clients to monitor their campaigns similar to how they would be able to if using a Google or Facebook advertisement manager.

Corporate clients with the Reputation House now have the ability to analyze public opinion online, through the agency’s new app, ION. The app allows clients to take action towards negative opinions before the comments start affecting a brand’s image. 

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, J.D. Power is to merge with Autodata Solutions. The two combined will provide clients with consumer analytics to the automotive industry, as well as new and pre-owned automobile transactional tools, data, and vehicle feature information.

DataRobot, a leader in enterprise AI, is to acquire Paxata, a startup company that aims to, “transform data into information on-demand to empower every person, process and system to be more intelligent.”

In human capital news, Enero Group’s CEO, Matthew Melhuish has stepped down from his position. He will be leaving in March.

Richard McDonald joins Schafer Condon Carter (SCC) as CEO. He previously served as the President of Epsilon and will be replacing David Selby. 

Garrett Gil de Rubio, a P2Sample executive, has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Client Development at Cint. 

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