Press Release

Jamin Brazil Launches Consumer Insights Podcast Network

FRESNO, CA — Jamin Brazil, the host of the Happy Market Research Podcast and MRx News, launches the Market Research Mafia Podcast Network, a podcast network that offers the market a one-stop-shop for market research, customer experience, and user experience podcasts. 

The network has three goals:

  1. Help listeners find consumer insight specific podcasts 
  2. Provide podcast producers the ability to share their podcasts
  3. Connect advertisers and podcasts

“Podcasts are tripling this year and market research is keeping pace,” Brazil said. “According to Megaphone, programmatic ad buying in 2020 is the fastest growth rate of any segment. Why? Because people love podcasts and support the products that support the things they love. With the host of branded and private podcasts coming online, we need a network to increase discoverability.” 

The podcast network features a variety of consumer insight podcasts including Data Gurus, Happy Market Research, MRXplorer, and MRx News. 

If you would like to list your podcast on the Market Research Mafia Podcast Network, please visit

About Jamin Brazil

As the previous CEO of FocusVision, Jamin Brazil was the first to bring to market a combination of qualitative and quantitative technologies that are used by 75 percent of the Fortune 100, and more than 3,000 companies globally. Prior to FocusVision, he pioneered online surveys, founding Decipher, a top survey platform in 2000. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of HubUx, a technology company focused on user experience (UX) and market research (MRx) insights software; and is the host of the Happy Market Research Podcast, the number one market research podcast, as well as MRx News, a daily 2-minute podcast about UX and MRx trends and news.