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Kantar’s CEO Steps Down

David Shanker launches David Shanker Consulting. A consultancy focused on executive coaching, client strategy, customer engagement, and sales team development.

OfficeReports, a survey reporting automation platform, releases Report Builder. The solution can be used for ad-hoc survey report generation and for creating automated report templates for tracking surveys. 

SurveyMonkey, a global survey software company, raises more than $15 million for nonprofit partners. With its Contribute platform, SurveyMonkey offers charitable incentives of 50 cents per completed survey, providing donations for partner charities of the respondents’ choice.

Our sister podcast, Happy Market Research Podcast, has been nominated for the MR Podcast Award. Voting ends on March 31 and the winner will be announced at IIeX Austin in April. 

In events, IIeX Europe will be taking place next week from February 25 to 26 in Amsterdam.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Insights Association will be hosting its Las Vegas Combined Chapter Conference from February 26 to 28.  

In human capital news, Eric Salama has stepped down as the CEO of Kantar and will be on garden leave until the end of June. The Executive Committee will lead the business until the appointment of a new CEO.

Duarte S. Simoes de Almeida joins Measure Protocol as the Finance Director. He will head the company’s core financial business functions and strategic planning.

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