Kantar expands its Consumer Media Measurement service by adding YouTube viewing data to the service. This will allow Kantar to combine the media behaviors of real consumers with their actual shopping habits. 

Comscore and TargetSmart partners to create customized political advertising segments that combine TargetSmart’s proprietary voter data with Comscore’s StationView Essentials household viewing preferences.

RRD launches, In-Store Insights, an end-to-end consultative solution that enables retailers to make faster, smarter decisions that improve their store performance.

Signals Analytics expands its platform coverage within food and beverage categories. This allows them to deepen the ability to uncover trends and predictive insights in the food and beverage industry, accelerating decision-making and driving long-term business growth.

Kids Insights, part of The Insights People, expands to Brazil. Starting in March, Kids Insights Brazil will start surveying 410 kids a week. This results in a total of 21,000 children being surveyed each year, providing companies with access to real-time market intelligence on the attitudes, behaviors, and consumption of Brazilian children. 

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