CRC 2019 Podcast Series

2019 CRC Series – Lana Babii – CoolTool

Welcome to the 2019 CRC Series. Recorded live in Orlando, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Lana Babii, Head of Business Development at CoolTool.

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Hi, this is Jamin. You’re listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. The next set of episodes are conversations I had at this year’s Corporate Researchers Conference or CRC. This is put on by the Insights Association in Orlando, Florida. I had quite a few interesting conversations highlighting specific companies that exhibited this year as well as a couple of speakers, Wells Fargo, IBM, etc. I hope you have a really good rest of your day and enjoy these short episodes.


Hi, this is Jamin. I am with Lana. CoolTool is the name of the company, and we are live at CRC in Orlando. Lana, how are you?


I’m super well, enjoying the event. Thank God, we’re not exhibiting. Sorry, boss. That I can communicate to everyone. I can talk to my peers, could listen to all the speeches and really, really enjoying everything happening over here. But, yeah, I miss you guys and I’m sending regards. It’s the Research-Results Congress where you are now.


Yeah, in Munich, right?


In Munich, yeah, exactly.


Yeah, that’s a big event. So, were you here yesterday?


Yes, I’ve been presenting basically for the corporate researchers regarding all our neuromarketing tools and so on. So, there is a great pleasure to talk directly to our customers, to see the feedback, to learn the questions they have, all these insights. It was really powerful. I really appreciate this opportunity.


Tell us about CoolTool.


Oh, basically it’s super fun. CoolTool is fun. What you do is just enjoy with CoolTool since we automate everything for our clients, for researchers of all the levels from the brands, from the agencies and so on. So CoolTool is a neuromarketing automation platform, which literally combines the very best from the traditional survey-based research and the non-conscious measurement tools. So, we give to our clients those techniques like eye tracking, the facial coding, implicit testing and so on but without any hardware and with the opportunity to get the results in the real time. And also, the great news of this year is that we finally, finally finalized the integrations with Dynata. We’re seeing all these biggest players in terms of online panels so that our clients, they have the direct reach out to their consumers of more than 50 million people around the world due to online panels, which are our official partners now.


That’s awesome. Congratulations.


Thank you very much.


This show is early Day 2, right? We have to tomorrow’s Day 3 and the final day. Are you staying through for tomorrow?


Of course.


What particular sessions are you looking forward to?


Well, basically, I have my list. The best thing about this list that I’m watching the agenda and they always have those, “Okay, should I go to this speech or that speech? Should they listen to this presentation or that presentation?” Basically today, the one I’m looking forward is the one from CMI and Pfizer. They are going to present the case. I really enjoyed the one that we had today in the morning from Google. Ed was super, super cool and engaging, but I think today I need to attend like… I am really interested in 14 presentations. But due to this intensive networking, I really hope I will attend at least five or seven. So yeah, that’s awesome. Especially I love the area that we have a mix of everything. We have presentations from the end clients, from the brands like they are case studies and so on, use cases. Also, this innovation stuff like we did for example, what presented my peers, it’s also amazing, right? All this like cutting-edge solutions as well as corporate presentations with the clients and agencies, which is tremendous, like to hear what problems they have, what they resolve, what are their pain points and so on, so something very alive.


Yeah, for sure. I love that. The cross-section here between client and vendors and technology is really interesting.


Absolutely, absolutely.


The exhibit floor is rocking.


Yeah. Basically, I was very surprised. I arrived yesterday early in the morning, and I saw no exhibitors. I was thinking, “Okay, maybe they will appear, you know, like 10 booths, 15 booths.” But this is so cool. And what I like about the organization part is that the organizing committee, they make us be here, and they stimulate the networking over here. And also, I love this game when you need to write to each booth to sign to win something. But this stimulates you to interact with the peers and so on. So, you cannot be like on your own, and suddenly you’re always in the mood. So, I’m really excited about that.


Totally, totally. CoolTool is the name of the company. If somebody wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


Well, any means is fine. Just – ask for a demo, ask for a personal meeting, ask for a call, anything. By the way, this is a great opportunity to announce that our marketing team gave me like a super chic opportunity to give a code, which is CRC2019. Using this code, you’re registered on the website, or you ask for them, or you simply send an email using this call saying, “Hello, here is the code” and you get the benefit of 2.5K US dollars from CoolTool.


Wow, I love the value. So again, the code is CRC2019. Enter that, and then they’ll get free access.


Yes. You get the value equivalent to this amount of money. So, you could, basically, even complete the whole project for free.


I’ve seen the tool. The tool is really good. All right. I’m sure you’re going to have some people check that out. Now listen, I do have a question for you. Of these two stickers, which one is your favorite podcast sticker? One is a shark and the other is a mafia guy.


I would rather play for a mafia. I like these games from mafia.


Thank you very much for being on the podcast.


Wow. Thank you, Jamin.


You’re very welcome.