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Marcel Slavenburg Publishes Five Tips on how to add Automation to Market Research

Insights Association kicks off the 2020 CEO Summit in Miami today. The three-day event features speaking sessions from Insight Association’s new CEO, Melanie Courtright, Sir Martin Sorrell, and many more. 

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Breaking Blue Research and sister company, Cello Health Insight, formally mergers. The merger brings specialist expertise that will strengthen Cello Health Insight’s overall business insights and analytics.

In posts vs. tech, Marcel Slavenburg Senior Director of SKIM, publishes, “Five tips on how to add automation to market research.” 

The white paper discusses their John Henry experiment where they launched “(Wo)man vs. Machine”, a head-to-head competition between human researchers and automation technology. Each team was tasked with analysing self-recorded consumer videos using different research methodologies. One team had access to automated tools, while the other team of SKIM researchers relied on traditional human methods of analysis.

In human capital news, Matt Michaud joins, RS IN VIVO, a BVA Group Company, as the Senior Vice President of Head of Behavioral Qualitative.

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