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Market Research Podcast Awards Launches

Catalina and Koupon partner to provide C-store retailers and CPGs with a more holistic understanding of cross-channel consumer purchase behaviors. According to NACS, 83% of items purchased in a C-store are consumed within an hour, making C-stores an ideal channel for product trial. Catalina’s database will enable Koupon to deliver personalized offers at scale through the C-store channel.

GreenBook and Little Bird Marketing have launched the Market Research Podcast Awards. Nominations are due February 15, and voting will be open February 16 through March 31. Your nomination of this show or our sister podcast, Happy Market Research, would be appreciated. 

PureSpectrum introduces PureScore, a scoring system that evaluates respondent quality based on their profile, past behavior, and current behavior. This innovation has been spearheaded by Mark Menig, an OG in digital fingerprinting and respondent quality best practices. 

In human capital news, Delvinia’s CEO, Adam Froman, joins the Marketing Research Education Foundation board of directors.  

Potentiate, an Australian-based Human Experience company appoints Leonard (“Lenny”) Murphy as their Strategic Corporate Development Advisor.

Former senior user experience researcher at PayPal, Kristen Guth, joins Reddit as the Head of Research. 

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