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Microsoft and dunnhumby Announces a Global Strategic Partnership

Microsoft and dunnhumby announce their global strategic partnership where dunnhumby will move its customer insights products to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. 

This from Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UK: 

“Retailers sit on vast amounts of data but often struggle to create meaningful insights for themselves or their suppliers. Through this strategic partnership, retailers across the globe will benefit from the powerful intelligence that dunnhumby delivers through its market-leading tools with the scale, security and speed-to-market that has become synonymous with the Azure platform.”

Why is this so important? Incorporation of external data into primary data is a meaningful trend. 

In Tool & Post news, we are researchers. We do this because we love it…and we get paid because we are good at it. 

This segment highlights happenings in tech or knowledge. Sometimes it’ll be directly in the crosshairs of market research and sometimes it’ll simply be relevant. 

Today, Josh LaMar, posted a must-read for consumer insight professionals titled, “A Fundamental Truth of User-Centered Design that is Simple, yet Forgotten.” 

This article directly addresses the importance of understanding the context of usage of a product or service vs. just the product or service. As an early ethnographer at Microsoft, he lets us all draw from his experience. 

In human capital news, one of the most interesting hires I’ve seen this year, Vision Critical naming Nicole Kealey as New Chief Strategy Officer. Why is she so interesting? Because Kealey was with Adobe for 13 years before joining SAP in 2012. For me, this hire points to Vision Critical’s continued investment in customer experience and keeps them in close connection with customers, competition and partners, e.g. Adobe. 

Kealey, good luck and we look forward to your continued contribution to our space. 

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Josh LaMar: A Fundamental Truth of User-Centered Design that is Simple, yet forgotten