MRMW NA 2019 Podcast Series

MRMW NA 2019 Conference Series – Jill Bishop – Multilingual Connections

Welcome to the MRMW NA 2019 Conference Series. Recorded live in Cincinnati, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Jill Bishop, Founder and CEO of Multilingual Connections.

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Multilingual Connections


Jill Bishop, Multilingual Connections, I had the pleasure of getting to know her over the several days we were at MRMW as she was located right by where I was doing the live podcasts.  Tremendous energy, in-depth understanding of translation, transcription, and just a global point of view, which adds a lot of value. You know language is set in context, and context is critical for translation and transcription.  I really hope that you enjoy this episode. She also talks a little bit about technology and how she’s streamlining processes. As always, you can find her information in the show notes.


My guest today is Jill Bishop; Multilanguage Connections is the name of the company.  She is the founder. Jill, thanks for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast today.


Thanks.  Yeah, Multilingual Connections.


Did I say it wrong?


Everybody does.  


Dang it!  Multilingual Connections.  I apologize.


That’s OK. That’s OK.      


So, tell me a little bit about what you guys do.   


Yeah, sure.  We are a translation and transcription agency.  We help organizations understand and engage their multilingual speakers.  That could be local, national, or international. We work in about 75 different languages.  So, we do translations of surveys, legal contracts, discussion guides, audio and video transcription, voiceover, and subtitling.  


Very fun.      


It is very fun.       


My first experience was in 1996 with a transcription company.  And it was probably one of the biggest pieces of value I’ve ever had to qualitative research.  So, I did this series of focus groups. We had them transcribed, which was at significant added cost; we’re pretty lean budget-wise.  But, man, talk about the best utilization of funds for pulling out quotes and discoverability.


Absolutely.  Rather than you spending your valuable time doing something that you’re only qualified to do, send those easy tasks out to somebody else so that you can focus.  


Yeah, that’s awesome.  So, how long have you been doing it?  


14 years.  


So a little while.  


Yeah, a little while.    


How did you get into it?


I’m a linguistic anthropologist.  And I did my doctoral research; I had about 240 hours of research on a number of different languages.  I didn’t know that there were transcription agencies to help out. But lots of steps and diversions along the way, I wound up doing user research for a company in Chicago.  Worked for Chipotle in charge of language and culture programs and then a few years later started my business originally to provide English and Spanish training for the workplace and then later translations.  The last couple years we’ve been doing more and more research work.


You know the translation space and the transcription space in market research is, I think, currently still underserved.  So there are a lot of vendors; it does feel like it’s a rising tide. What’s happening is qualitative is happening at scale now, and it’s creating a lot of opportunity for transcription and translation.  I think companies like yours are very exciting to watch from a growth potential.


Well, thank you.  I think we are.


So, MRMW.  We’re happily positioned by the food line.  I’m sorry about the noise.


Lots of hungry folks.  [laughter]


Hopefully, all of you that are tuning in can hear us.  We’re going to have to project a little bit more than normal.




What is your favorite project?


My favorite project.  Oh, my goodness, that’s so hard to decide.  So, I don’t do the research myself, and I also don’t do the transcription myself at this point.


You’re running a business.


I’m running a business.  So I have to hear little bits and pieces.  I love hearing that we’re doing projects on fast food preferences in France or more academic work of Syrian refugees who’ve settle in Jordan.  And their understanding of home, and everything in between.




So there’s really no one favorite but I love knowing that I’m helping support an area that I’m really passionate about, and it kind of brought me back to my roots.    


So, Jill, if somebody wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


They would go to Multilingual or send an email to  


That’s  We’ll include that information in the show notes.  Jill, thanks so much for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.       


Alright.  Thanks so much.  I appreciate it.