MRMW NA 2019 Podcast Series

MRMW NA 2019 Conference Series – Nihal Advani – QualSights

Welcome to the MRMW NA 2019 Conference Series. Recorded live in Cincinnati, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Nihal Advani, Founder and CEO of QualSights.

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Interview was with Nihal from QualSights.  Getting to know the “why” is vital in consumer insights.  This is why I believe that qualitative tools like Remesh or QualSights are seriously on the rise right now in market research.  If I predict what’s going to happen in the next five years, I really believe that qualitative-based tools are going to do a better job of delivering conversations at scale than historically surveys have been able to do.  Why is that? Because we’re seeing a constant retraction of people from taking the traditional 15-minute, even 10-minute survey. It just doesn’t fit into the context of a modern life. There’s too many competitions for our attention that draws us away from providing that insight.  So the better that qualitative can be conducted at scale through quick hits of insights and really asking open-ended questions, collecting that information in a video, or audio, or a native experience for the user, that can then be analyzed and reduced to both quantitative and qualitative.  So we know this is bigger than that, and we can actually start understanding the “why.” Hope you enjoy this and also hope you’ll check out Nihal online as well as QualSights at


Nihal Advani, QualSights, MRMW.  What do you think about Day 1 of the show?


So far, so good.  It was great to see ….. Gayle from FourSquare.


And you’re presenting, right?


Yes.  Actually, with Gayle later today at 2 P.M.


Gayle is Head of Insights for FourSquare, a massive data company.  I thought it was probably one of the… It’s in my top 10 overall, probably top 5 overall presentations that I’ve ever heard for market research.  It should be a TED Talk. It’s so much value, talking about how data drives positive business outcomes.


Absolutely.  And I would say it’s very interesting to see how she talked about how people vote with their feet and the kind of data they can provide.  So it’s pretty cool.


Yeah, spectacular, actually.  So, you’re speaking with her tomorrow?  Or is it today? It’s actually today.


Today at 2 o’clock.  We’re having a fireside chat.


OK, good.  What are you guys going to talk about?


Getting to “why.”  It’s all about sort of understanding consumers, and she actually talked about a portion of it, which is all precision at scale, and how in our case with QualSights, we can actually offer precision with scale in terms of consumer behavior.  So, in a nutshell, those are the kinds of things we’ll be talking about as well as things around how… you know what’s it like to be at a startup and stuff.


And you have a startup.  QualSights. Tell us a little bit about that.  


Yeah, sure.  It’s, in fact, like we were just saying, it’s basically understanding consumer behavior but doing that with high precision and at scale and basically being able to do remote ethnography in real time.  And that’s, in an essence, what we offer. But we allow someone to use any qualitative method and, essentially, have an all-in-one platform that not just helps people capture data at scale but also analyze and present it much easier and faster.  


And that was part of her thesis is it used to be the case…  Yesterday, she said, it would have been yesterday that you had to decide if it’s scale or precision.  And now it’s precision at scale.


Exactly, exactly.


So, video is a big part of your platform.  


Uh-huh, absolutely.  Video is an integral part and, specifically, also live video.  It something that we offer as a way to do precision at scale, where you can actually engage with consumers as they cook, clean, shop, eat indoors or outdoors and actually probe them in real time as they’re doing these things, therefore, getting that same level of depth that you would have if you were there physically in person.          


Ah, I can’t wait for this fireside chat.  This is going to be great to see that. Now, are you going to be at any other events this year?   


Yeah, IIEX in a couple of weeks.  I mean it’s quite the circuit. Recently, we were at Quirk’s last week and then IIEX in a couple weeks.  And then we’re presenting as the top 5 in the startup competition at IIEX. We also recently got in the top 10 at a pitch competition at ICOM in Malaga in Spain next month.  So, a few big things coming up.


That’s fantastic.  MRMW, this is your second year.  




What do you think about the show this year?  


So far, so good.  It’s just a few hours in but so far, the content has been great already.  And I like that it’s not too big a crowd. And the way it’s set up, so you get to kind of interact with many of the people.  So it’s nice.


Yeah, and they have a…  I mean the speaker lineup is spectacular.    


Yeah, yeah.  It’s very impressive.  


Absolutely, and the P&G guy, a keynote this morning, basically head of market research. Consumer insights, not basically, literally.  And Gayle, of course, leading up there. And some really good lineups later today. We’ve got Google; that’s another major name brand, anyway.  Good. Well, if anyone wants to get in contact with you, how would they do that?


They can just email


And that’s spelled?


N-I-H-A-L @


Good, great.  Thanks for being on the show.


Thank you, Jamin.