NEXT 2019 Podcast Series

NEXT 2019 Conference Series – David Paull – Engagious

Welcome to the 2019 NEXT Conference Series. Recorded live in Chicago, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews David Paull, CEO of Engagious.

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David Paull, Engagious.


Yes, sir.  Great to see you.


One of the leading podcasts in the market research space.  What do you think of all the lists for podcasts that’s been popping up?  


Well, I think it’s great that the industry is taking notice and wanting to share it.  I’m certainly gratified by the ones that we make it on. You know you sit in…  


Which is all of them.


Well, thank you.  Likewise, for you.  I’m always in good company.  You know you sit in a room with a microphone and you talk into it.  And you hope that on the other end somewhere, someone is going to listen.  And to this day, podcast analytics are still not great.  


They’re terrible.


So it’s hard to know if people are listening.  It’s even harder to know how long they’re listening.  I don’t care if someone starts it. I want to know if they get past 30 seconds.  Are they actually sticking with it so that I know there’s value in the work we’re doing?  


On your platform, are you able to deduce if they actually listen at all?  All I’m getting is downloads.  


Yeah, it’s really just download.  We also put them on YouTube, and YouTube will tell us if we get a view.  But they count a view after 30 seconds, which doesn’t do me..


Yeah, totally.  How’s your YouTube?  So, this is one of things that actually I’m doing right now.  It started last week. We’re taking all of our backlog of audio, and we’re then converting it into YouTube.  Are you doing that?


Yeah, we’ve done that from Day 1.  We create a video version, and for most of them, when I’m not recording video, it’s just a head shot over a… 


Something moving.


Yeah, something moving.  But we do get… YouTube is the No.2 search engine in the world.  So it only makes sense to have your content there. And we are starting to do more and more video interviews, either in person or over Zoom or something.  So those fit really nicely on YouTube as well.  


That’s awesome.  So, you are using Zoom.  I’m actually thinking about converting over to Zoom for the interviews as opposed to…  I have a special like fancy-pants app that gets rid of latency issues, but it doesn’t do video.  


Right, right.  And so, Zoom, I will tell you, nothing’s perfect, right?  So, Zoom is a great application. The video quality is pretty good.  Sometimes the audio will actually be slightly out of syn with the video.  There’s latency on the audio. Now, the fix for that, of course, is when I bring it into final cut to edit it, I just break off the audio file and I move it a few half-seconds one way or the other and everything synches back up.  So there’s work-arounds. It’s a little bit of a hassle, but…   


But the good news is that it doesn’t sound like it’s an elongated… 


It doesn’t get progressively worse, yeah.  It seems to just be off a little bit.  


Favorite guest so far this year.  Who is it?  


Favorite guest so far this year.   


We love them all, we love them all.


It’s an episode I haven’t even released yet.  He’s a graphic designer out of Portland named Aaron Draplin.  He’s done work for Nike. He’s a prominent speaker in the graphic design world as well.  He’s a larger-than-life character. He told me some incredibly funny stories as well as some really useful tips.  We’re probably not going to release that until later in the year. So, that’s a little anti-climactic. I got to talk to Eric Solomon, who was a keynote speaker here.  Having worked at Spotify, and Instagram, and YouTube, and Google, he knows just a little bit about technology. So he was fascinating too.     


Yeah, that’s not a bad guess.  I’m definitely going to be tuning in to that.  When’s that one up?


That one’s up.  Yeah, that one’s up.  We did that one a couple of weeks ago in promotion for this event.  So, yeah, he’s here to today. We’ll have to make sure he stops by and chats with you.  He’s great.


I tell you what.  One of the things I’m really in love with is the cross-support that’s happening inside of the podcast community.  Going back to YouTube really quick, being one of the largest search engines, one of the hacks that… And I think this is something that would be really good to explain to people for discoverability.  You think about the modern buyer of whatever it is that we’re selling is using the internet oftentimes. That plays a part in the consumer journey, right? So the better your SEO… Are you seeing YouTube as an overall improvement to SEO?  


Yes, because if you post your YouTube videos properly and you tag them properly…  YouTube’s part of Google. It’s not that people searching on YouTube is the No. 2 search engine.  It’s that when people are searching on Google, YouTube results are getting served up often at the very top of that results page.  So, if you search on the right terms and I’ve tagged it right and I’ve built up just enough viewers, my video interview might show up above many of the first-page search results.  


Thanks pretty awesome.


So, it’s trying to hack Google a little bit by just using a whole other channel of theirs.  


And the best part about it is it’s actually giving consumers value at a click, as opposed to sales content, which is very, very powerful, I think, and one of things that Goggle’s seeking to prioritize as well.     


Yeah, absolutely, we don’t sell anything on the podcast.  It’s all about delivering value, delivering learnings, trying to give back into our community.  And, of course, the by-product there is, if people are interested in what I’m talking about and they want to seek me out, then all the better.      


Awesome.  So, NEXT conference.  What do you think?


I like this conference a lot.  I really love the intersection of research and technology.  It’s not super huge; so, you really get to talk to everybody.  I really like it. I like everything the Insights Association does.  We’re a supporter of theirs, and I think they put on really good quality, targeted events.  So I’m happy with this one.


Awesome, man.  Hey, thanks so much for being on the Happy Market Research Podcast.


Thanks for having me, as always.


Everybody else, we will link David Paull’s information in the show notes.  Please, please, please reach out to me if you have any questions about podcasting, or what in the world Engagious is doing these days.  Have a great rest of your day.