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Nielsen Appoints two to the Company’s Board of Directors

Lookback releases an article titled, “The Art of Moderating Research.” It features seven key principles on how you can improve your moderating skills when conducting a user experience session. The principles are:

  1. Asking powerful questions
  2. Sitting through the struggle of the awkward silence 
  3. Treat every participant with respect and dignity — even if they are the “wrong” participant for the study
  4. Be prepared to possibly feel a sense of connection with a participant at the end of a session 
  5. It’s not prescriptive — you don’t have to get through all the questions.
  6. Beware of spoilers — it’s easy to slip up and accidentally provide clues to the participant
  7. Avoid confirmation bias 

In human capital news, Former Uber Account Executive, Phillip Lomax, joins MediaScience as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. 

Nielsen appoints two to the company’s Board of Directors — Tom Castro and Janice Marinelli, effective February 18. 

In jobs, Ipsos MORI is to host a hiring event in East London and Essex on February 26 and the 27th. To secure your spot at the event, RSVP through the link in our show notes.

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