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Nielsen Partners with Nexstar Media Group

In conjunction with University of Georgia, Market Research Institute International launches a new course covering the basics of qualitative market research. If you are just getting started or looking to expand your consumer insights tool kit, this is the course for you. 

Nielsen and Nexstar Media Group announces a multi-year agreement where Nielsen will provide Nexstar with rating services for their local television stations, digital subchannels, as well as national ratings for WGN America and Antenna TV.

IRI launches IRI Lift for Pinterest. With IRI Lift, advertisers who publish campaigns onto Pinterest will have the ability to measure the impact of their campaigns on driving offline sales. 

Conscore’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chair, Bill Livek, is to present at 22nd Annual Needham Growth Conference in New York City on Wednesday, January 15th. 

In human capital news, Analytic Partners has appointed Kathy Bachmann as the general manager of the Americas.

Peter Headridge, former Kellogg’s VP and CSM director, has been named Chief Operating Officer at Campden BRI. 

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