Sawtooth Software, the founders of online conjoint surveys and analytics, has an upcoming webinar by Aaron Hill common research pitfalls including Survey Design Pitfalls, Testing Pitfalls, Analysis Pitfalls, and Properly Using Market Simulators. The webinar is on Thursday, January 30, 2020. 

ThinkNow, a technology-driven cultural insights agency, relaunches ThinkNow ConneKt, their proprietary audience planning, and segmentation tool. 

OpinionRoute and DeviceForensIQ partners to launch CleanID, a web service that combats survey respondent fraud, respondent duplication and creates transparency in the research process.

Fortune names SurveyMonkey as one of the Best Workplaces in the Bay Area in 2020. 

In human capital news, ThinkGen, a global pharmaceutical market research and consultancy firm appoints former president, Noah Pines as CEO. Meanwhile, Bart Weiner will serve as the new president. 

Methodify appoints two to it’s U.S. Division — Kwami Lewis as Managing Director, and Brett Cohen as the Director of Sales.

Finally, in jobs, Edmodo, a San Mateo based learning platform for K-12 educators is looking to expand our research team from one to two! 

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