Part 10 of 10: Tips to Writing The Perfect Survey

Lessons Learned from Programming 2,000 Surveys Over 20 Years

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Tip 10: Survey Length

Keep your survey to 4 minutes. 

Why 4 minutes? 

How much of your life changes in 4 minutes? 

In the last 4 minutes of writing this post my baby climbed over me, my 11 year old showed me her iPhone game score, Toy Story crescendo-ed and I responded to a text from my best friend.

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Literally the moment I referenced πŸ™‚

This will force you to be crafty with your questions. Here is an example of what I mean…

Q10. Do you drink beer? 

  • Yes 
  • No

–page break–

[if yes, ask Q11]

Q11. Which beer do you use most often? 

  • Bud 
  • Coors 
  • Miller
  • Other, please specify

We can combine both Q10 and Q11…

Q11. Which beer do you use most often? 

  • I don’t drink beer <– was Q10
  • Bud 
  • Coors 
  • Miller
  • Other, please specify

Pro Tip: It takes a respondent about 1 minute to answer 3 questions. 3 questions per minute * 4 minutes = 12 questions


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