Part 5 of 10: Tips to Writing The Perfect Survey

Lessons Learned from Programming 2,000 Surveys Over 20 Years

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Tip 5: Sample

Sample is the profile of your respondents and is often times referred to as “Sample Frame”:

Sample Frame                          N=200

 Male/Female                          50%/50%

 Have visited a bar in last 2 months  100%

 Use phone while at bar               N=80

Letโ€™s decode our sample frameโ€ฆ

  1. Sample Frame N=200 means we are looking for a total of 200 respondents.
  2. Male/Female 50%/50% means we want an even split between gender.
  3. Have visited a bar in last 2 months 100% means that all qualified respondents are bar goers
  4. Use phone while at bar N=80 sets a minimum of 80 respondents who fit this criteria. Note, it is likely that the total pool of respondents who use a phone at bars is much higherโ€ฆthis is just setting a floor to ensure we have enough people in this bucket.

Have a minimum of 80 respondents in each segment you want to analyze. This gives you a big enough group to ensure you have a representative sample.

Pro Tip: Why percentage instead of set numbers? Because we may adjust our total N and this keeps things symmetrical.


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