Part 6 of 10: Tips to Writing The Perfect Survey

Lessons Learned from Programming 2,000 Surveys Over 20 Years

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Tip 6: Screener: Quotas/Terms

What is a Screener? This is the part of the survey that screens respondents ensuring you are talking to the right person.

If you can define who you want to talk to then you can put everyone else in a bucket and terminate them!

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Why would you want to terminate people? The most obvious reasons are because talking to your mom about Snapchat is dumb and, God forbid, if someone looks at the data that includes your mom’s view of Snapchat you are screwed.

This is an example of a screening question…

S1. What is your age? 






Your Mom @term

If you only want to talk to a certain type of person, be darn sure that is the only person in your sample.

Quotas are the final piece in your Screener. If there are several types of buyers then you’ll want to have quotas. In my above example, I may want to have the following quotas to ensure my sample is representative of the general population…


13–19 N=50

20–29 N=50

30–39 N=50

Quotas can get pretty crazy. Let me know if you have specific questions about them. Here is a more detailed overview.


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