Part 8 of 10: Tips to Writing The Perfect Survey

Lessons Learned from Programming 2,000 Surveys Over 20 Years

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Tip 8: Profile

The easiest to understand but the hardest to get right. These questions almost always include gender, age, ethnicity, income and education to name a few.

These add length to your survey and can be a distraction. Ask only the questions that are useful. How do you know which ones are useful and which are not? Easy. Can and will you target the customer based on the profile?

In my bar survey, I am not going to target females and males differently so weโ€™ll leave out the gender question. In short, kill all โ€œnice to haveโ€ questions.

Additional profile questions include:

  1. Behavioral: How frequently do you do X or visit Y. Basically, this set of questions are uncovering your product utilization to help understand channel usage.
  2. Firmographic: What demographics are to people, firmographics are to organizations. However, Webster (2005), suggested that the term โ€œfirmographicsโ€ is a combination of demographics and geographics.
  3. Phycographic: Interests, hobbies, opinions, etc.


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