CRC 2019 Podcast Series

2019 CRC Series – Philamena Dougherty – Virtual Incentives

Welcome to the 2019 CRC Series. Recorded live in Orlando, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Philamena Dougherty, Director of Strategic Accounts at Virtual Incentives.

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Hi, this is Jamin. You’re listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. The next set of episodes are conversations I had at this year’s Corporate Researchers Conference or CRC. This is put on by the Insights Association in Orlando, Florida. I had quite a few interesting conversations highlighting specific companies that exhibited this year as well as a couple of speakers, Wells Fargo, IBM, etc. I hope you have a really good rest of your day and enjoy these short episodes.


My guest is Philamena Dougherty, Virtual Incentives. I’ve used Virtual Incentives for most of my career actually. For instance, in fulfillment. How are you?


I’m great. I’m great. I’m really happy to be here.


We are onsite at the drinking hour for Insights Association’s CRC event. You guys have a booth precariously located by the podcast.


Yes, we did that on purpose. We did do that on purpose actually. We really wanted to meet you.


You did not.


We did, yes.


I don’t believe you, but I appreciate it.


We actually wanted to learn more about HubUx.


Oh, my gosh, okay. This is not about me. This is about you. All right. So, we’ll definitely talk about that off air. So, it’s exciting to see the energy here on the floor all of a sudden. This is kind of neat.


It is, especially for me in my position. So, I have a lot of partners and a lot of clients here. So, just to see worlds colliding like this, it’s one of my favorite things about MR and this conference, in general.


It’s interesting in Virtual Incentives, which is, of course, an incentive fulfillment platform that you can both automate as well as bulk upload.


Sure, so when I say partners, I mean like our partners are survey software platform partners who are involved with our integrations. So that would be the automated process: the incentives directly in survey.


Maybe you should give us the elevator pitch or describe what it is that you guys do for the audience. I obviously know, but…


Okay, as far as market research is concerned, we incentivize respondents and community members. So, it helps build engagement with panels and helps build complete rates, keeps people involved in surveys and, really helps get valid reliable data and respondents into the surveys and completing the surveys.


Yeah, for sure. It gets to the motivation factor of the respondents. So that one of the nice things about it is you can tailor the incentive around.


And it kind of seems to me like it’s almost a forgotten, crucial last step.




You don’t always hear about incentives when you’re talking about market research, but it really makes a difference in certain cases when you’re looking at trying to increase response rates or hit harder to reach quotas.


It’s interesting you say that and I actually remember there was this period of three-ish years where there was a bunch of analysis, research-on-research or R on R on how to motivate respondents. And it was like comparing different incentive levels: guaranteed versus sweepstakes versus abstract things versus knowledge sharing versus…


…point systems…


Yeah, exactly. But then there’s been this like ten-year period where there hasn’t been any research that I’ve seen anyway that’s been like professionalized and distributed. It feels like there’s a good opportunity there.


Definitely. And we’re seeing people start to do this now, market researchers with our integrations. You can have the same group of people going through a survey with an incentive at the end of the survey or none. And you can just use that control group to sort of look at the response rate…


So, you can A-B test the… That’s super interesting.


…within the same survey, within the same group of respondents to really look at how it’s affecting or not even how it’s affecting, but like what denoms are going to push people to complete a survey. Do you really need to offer them 10 or is 5 okay, too? So, there’s definitely a lot of focus on incentives in market research and… So, we’re just really happy to be here.


That’s awesome. I’m happy to be here, too. Somebody just handed me a beer, which is exciting. That’s never happened. We have two days left in the conference. Today is kind of set up, more like bonus day.


Today was mostly for the corporate researchers. So, there are a lot of sessions designated for corporate researchers.


So, it’s going to be a good event. I hope you have a great time.


Sounds great. Thank you so much.